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Which Side Are You On?

It doesn’t take a genius to see things clearly. There’s no secret; the US government, Zionists and the Rothschilds are only interested in profit..whether that be from; 



-Natural resources




Jacob Rothschild

If you know this fact then how can you still be blinded by the lies told today? The amount of people on my other social media account (non political) who are Americans and proud Trump supporters, or British and proud Boris supporters who have been spouting shit about Soleimani, who believe the rhetoric about the Middle East, who are racist and prejudiced, who DONT know the difference between ISIS Wahhabi logic and true Islam, who believe Iran is an evil nation (more so than the American or Israeli government?) is utterly astounding. The truth is that people in the West have their perceptions molded by the media, which portrays Iran, it’s government and its military in a very dishonest way.

Donald Trump

In this day and age when there’s so much information at our finger tips there is no excuse to just accept the lies being told to you.

I am a white western woman, brought up in a middle class semi Christian British household who didn’t just “stumble” upon truth, I sought it out. I already knew who Soleimani was as I’d seen his pictures many times, I mean look at him. Look at his face. Then compare that face to that of the likes of Trump, or the Rosthchilds, or even the British Royal family…look how disgusting and unhealthy they look, all of them.. and look at Soleimanis face and tell me who do you think is the evil one?

Gods love pours from our soul and that shows in the eyes. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this world is run by monsters, non human predators, pedophiles..so why do you believe what they’re telling you? Are you so caught up in your day to day life of paying your bills, working so many hours, partying on the weekend that you can’t see a gross monster when you see one? Have they done so well at keeping you stressed and busy that you don’t look a little deeper? Is the fault theirs? Or is the fault yours? Because I don’t know about you but I grew up always with this feeling inside me of wanting to help others, of feeling not quite right, of feeling like I didn’t fit in with others who lived a plastic materialistic life, this niggly feeling inside me that I couldn’t NOT care about injustice…when I sought truth and put the pieces together I also found God and I found the story of Imam Hussain and his fight for the resistance and his sacrifice for us all.. I’m not religious, I’m just me, with faith, and with fight..and today I see the world around me falling further and further into darkness and it breaks me…but then I find those who are on the same page as me and it makes me feel safe, supported, understood..but then even sometimes I see these same people argue amongst each other about some point they don’t see eye to eye on and I feel disheartened all over again. 

I really just think the truth is simple. It’s not complicated, it’s has no grey areas, it’s either black or white. And I really think we are progressing further and further into an era where we are going to have to pick a side – 

Do we pick evil or do we pick good? 

Do we chose to cover our ears 🙉, eyes🙈, mouth🙊 or do we open our eyes and stand together, regardless of the petty differences, and stand up against the forces of evil? 

I know which side I’m on

– Do you?

The gentle face of Qasem Soleimani

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