ED.TV Productions

To speak truth, we seek truth.

About us

To speak truth we seek truth.

A commitment to truth seeking sometimes takes us out of our comfort zone, obliging us to admit things we would rather deny.

Behind the scenes of ED.TV we are a collective of like minded people from all corners of the world who came together and found that our general consensus was that we felt passionately that the truth was far too hidden and so many people were completely unaware of the reality they are living in.

The mainstream media consistently incites hate amongst the minorities and the most vulnerable and there is plenty of evidence of this ringing true throughout history, and in modern times this is getting progressively worse and the people are being led further and further away from the truth and from what truly matters.

Individually we had all done our own extensive research and wanted to share our findings.

We celebrate the underdogs, those who live to help humanity and we try to highlight the corrupt who are hidden in plain sight, those who make decisions that have a destructive effect on the lives of the people who entrusted such people to fairly govern the world.

The aim of this outlet is to provide facts and evidence, there’s no agenda whatsoever, only truth.