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Please Welcome Javier Milei, Klaus Schwab’s ‘Best Boy’!

In his first official state visit to Israel as Argentina’s President, Javier Milei has been commended and warmly welcomed by Benjamin Netanyahu for ‘keeping his promise’ to move his countries Embassy to Jerusalem,

Milei will also hold talks with Netanyahu and has made it clear that he strongly backs the Israeli President in his war among the Gaza strip.

So far Milei seems to be ticking all of the correct boxes to fulfil the Luciferian agenda, he has recently made these promises to Israel, visited the wailing wall and did his share of weeping, just like all of the ‘elected Presidents’ must do; but then these are just a few of the usual errands Israel expects of its loyal dogs.

Now that Milei has been given illusory reins to the country this now means Milei and Argentina must adhere to the adoration and support and general spreading of what is known as Israel. As well as making sure the globalists are happy with his work.

This is a complete and utter turn around from the man we recognised as being a self proclaimed ‘anarcho-capitalist’ who sold himself as one who could ‘shake up the establishment’. Not too dissimilar to the unelected Donald Trump, who went through the exact same blueprint it would seem.

A hero of the people turned WEF/Israeli lap dog, acting out the same rituals; telling the people who are sick of the establishment exactly what they want to hear, in terms of change, but then acquiescing to what suits the agenda rather than the people of Argentina.

Prior to the election in November Milei created what felt like a refreshing wave, talking about an anti-WEF ideology as well as sounding like he was as anti-authoritarian and anti-socialist as he could be. However in the first few weeks of his Presidency he has pushed forward many controversial innovations. He claims his moves will take Argentina out of its ‘economic hell’.

The reality is this has not been the case, the monthly inflation in Argentina has risen to 25.5% in comparison to the previous months rate of 12.8%, also annual inflation has reached 211.4% which is the highest its been in decades, and unfortunately this renders Argentina worse of than Venezuela which has been living through economic collapse.

Before gracing Israel with his presence he made an appearance at Davos in January, being a graduate of the WEF School of Young Leaders.
This is not truly surprising, unless you consider his anti-WEF stance prior to his election. Quite confusing for those who had put their faith in him and his ideas of reformation.
Milei was warmly welcomed by Klaus Schwab and is currently known as his ‘best boy’. If we look at the list of innovations it really does read like a true WEF Young Leader ‘How To Destroy A Country And Serve The WEF Agenda’ handbook.

The draft legislation which proposes hundreds of very controversial innovations;

-A wave of privatisations
-Spending cuts
-Major expansion of presidential powers
-Lessening the rights of workers
-Closing 9-18 government ministries, some of which responsible for education, environment, women and gender diversity
-Devaluing of Argentinian currency
-Wiping out or amending 300 regulations by emergency decree
-Dropped laws regulating the Argentinian rental market, supermarket supplies which results in food and accommodation being unaffordable for many
-Removed restrictions on privatisation of state enterprises and possibly opening sales of national resources for big businesses,

No wonder he is Klaus’ best boy.

Milei is definitely not painting the picture of a true President of the people, In his first few moments as President he has made clear his stance on Globalisation and pledged his allegiance to Israel.

In Jerusalem he stated that he wants to see the reconstruction of the Third Jewish Temple, sounding like a play by play book of an apocalyptic prophecy.
This in itself implies the demolition of the al-Aqsa Mosque located in Jerusalem which is also the third most holy place for Muslims. This being fulfilled is equal to the preparation for the arrival of the Jewish Messiah A.K.A The Anti-Christ.

Argentinian President Javier Milei has now shown us his true face and is aligning his country with the dark Luciferian agenda, not at all what the people of Argentina believed they were backing.

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