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To speak truth, we seek truth.

“When we say we had enough we mean we had enough” we are the majority..

Governments & their police should be there to serve the people not oppress them..The oppression in 2020 over the scamdemic had gone on for too long with the corrupt puppet police instead of thinking for themselves & serving the people, they themselves continued oppressing the people depriving us of our basic human rights with their continued control, curfews & lockdowns over a hoax..

Peaceful protests didn’t seem to give them the hint & we all know what following orders without questioning had done in the past .. we don’t support violence but when you are cornered constantly prevented of your basic human rights watching your life as you know it turn to dust by those criminals who are meat to be looking for our best interests..you are left no choice but to revolt…

A great man once said ..”When injustice becomes law, REBELLION becomes duty”

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