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What’s going on inside An Garda Síochána

PSNI Detective Chief Superintendent Paula Hilman has been relocated to Ireland and has been appointed the New Assistant Commissioner and this is the very first time an officer from Northern Ireland has taken the role.

Paula Hilman followed her ex boss Drew Harris of MI5, across the border as he was appointed Gardai Commissioner and was the very first British Police Chief to be appointed from outside of the Republic.

Paula Hilman, transfered from PSNI to Irish Gardai.

Stephen McCauley was serving as a Detective Chief Inspector in PSNI and will now also cross the border to take on the role of Superintendent within the Irish Force.

In order for this to happen approval was needed by the government under the Garda Siochana Act 2005.

Why are such high ranking officials from the United Kingdom jumping ship and moving to Ireland?

Paula Hilman served with Royal Ulster Constabulary who are described and praised as one of the most professional policing operations in the world by British Security Forces, which realistically coming from the British means that they’re rather good at looking after their friends in high places.

The RUC have been accused more than once by Republicans and Irish Nationalists of discrimination and of ‘one sided’ policing.

Hilman herself was in charge of the infamous rape case involving Professional Rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding, which saw both men acquitted of any charges and this result left the public divided. The situation bought into light some of the outdated womens rights issues that still remain in this area, many also felt that the victim herself was treated unjustly, for starters her right to anonymity was shattered and her name ended up plastered all over social media platforms.

Hilman was head of Domestic and Sexual Abuse as well as online child abuse imagery.

All eyes are focussing on the Gardaí and the new front man Drew Harris, recognising the abuse of Irish citizens during the lockdown in Ireland.

Drew Harris, Gardai Commissioner.

Gardai have been arresting drivers and seizing their cars whilst relentlessly stopping people, checking that they’re only out on an ‘essential’ trip. However in the last week Gardai headquarters have informed senior officers that those travelling from Northern Ireland on day trips will not be affected by the restricted movement policy put in place due to the Coronavirus.

Seeing as the Gardai are so invested in the Coronavirus hoax and are aggressively tending to those who dare to carry on with their lives, why is it just that anyone can travel freely who have come from Northern Ireland. It doesn’t really make much sense at all.

In January a whistle-blower left his position within the Guard due to the force being systematically corrupt. He claims he left due to licencing law abuse under the watch of the Gardai as well as a corrupt official records systems, what with countless accounts of Gardaí losing vital evidence continuously from phones, to CCTV footage and even a blood stained gate as well as a dead body!?

Nineteen Guards have taken their lives since 2018, since the new Commissioner has been put in place. Coincidence?

Plenty of videos have been circulating and aftermath images of Gardai acting disgracefully and brawling in the street, or just beating down civilians, sometimes a group of Gardai to one person.

Harris is even now suggesting that because of the lockdown, homes are now seeing more domestic abuse and violence, as well as arms and drug possession. So it may not be long now until they’re pushing to come door to door.

Mr. Harris is definitely one to keep your eye on, it wasn’t that long ago that he made very damning allegations towards one of the main political parties of Ireland at a time where efforts were being put forward to form a government.. Harris claimed that he received his intelligence from Her Majesties Secret Service, so his informant came from a country that historically was involved in the mass murder of innocent civilians of his country.

So in theory what the chief did was leave the U.K to perform the role of Gardai commissioner and chose to make highly political interventions and tried to dirty the name of one of the three main parties, suggesting they’re unfit to govern. The party in question was Sinn Fein.

This man has quite a colourful backstory, in his remaining years in the RUC and PSNI he was personally responsible for blocking human rights investigations into the RUC ‘shoot to kill’ incidents whilst he himself was involved at the time in Britain’s dirty war and helped with the efforts made to cover up that war. During which hundreds of innocent people were killed. Which is why it is so baffling that he is now the Commissioner of the country where it took place.

There is even a petition to have this man removed from his role. His actions have definitely been inherently wrong and are an abuse of his power.

Lets face it, the two countries have some unrest between them and appointing Harris will certainly aggravate some Irish citizens.

What does this mean for the future of Ireland? Will we see it become a police state sooner than necessary, and why has this man with this background been appointed as commissioner and is now bringing other British Police with him and putting them in high places, and not too long after Brexit, with all of the ups and downs that caused with border issues.

What are people in high places planning?

Written by Aimee Anderson.

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