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Vigilant Citizens, Please Stand Up!!

In the UK, young children in particular those who are vulnerable to abuse and neglect have gone very much under the radar due to lengthy lock downs.

These particular children are referred to by the system as ‘Ghost Children’ and for these individuals  school can be a place of refuge and peace from their difficult home lives.

Authorities have had a huge decease in reports of children who are considered ‘at risk’, and that’s not because miraculously the risk has decreased.

Many children have not even returned back to school after the initial lockdown and nothing much is being done about this as this ‘new normal’ is so new that there isn’t a sensible air tight system in place to make sure these children are accounted for.

This has come under investigation now since the death of six year old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes.

What needs to be recognised is that there is a minority of children who are actually safer in schools and the lockdown created such difficult situations and continue to do so every time they’re adhered to by the public when the government dictates such obscure measures, this creates very difficult situations for such vulnerable children.

The system itself, from social workers, care homes through to the actual state school system is entirely corrupt and there are plenty of other better options for our children out there that don’t care about figures and statistics and that don’t indoctrinate children with a bias narrative and that polishes away any kind of individuality a child may have.

The point is that we, as individuals need to start becoming the vigilant citizens concerned for the welfare of the innocent because you can guarantee that the state wont do that.

Children have been severely let down during the pandemic, Boris Johnson made a promise that he would prioritize childrens recovery but ended up throwing out his own top chiefs proposal on the best way to help children through this difficult time frame.

If that doesn’t make it abundantly apparent how much concern he has stretched in favor of helping the children of the UK then I’m not sure what will.

I’m honestly not certain what it will take to convince an individual that the safety of our children is OUR responsibility, whether it is your own child or a child that you know that is unsafe or in a vulnerable position.

The system is in it’s final days and it will inevitably collapse and children and their welfare must become our priority, there are too many people in power who see a child as currency rather than an innocent life that needs protecting, not from a cold that has spiralled into an untrialled vaccine, but from predators and predatory behaviour.

As all this continues and gets progressively more ‘controlled’ by the system, the more we have to be certain we are always doing the right thing and protecting innocence.

Sadly sometimes this may mean helping to protect children from their own parents ignorance. I say this because so many parents are vaccinating their children in absolute certainty that they are doing what is best for their child. No parent would willingly and knowingly harm their child unless of course they are very warped individuals (like those ones pushing all these mandates). These parents are just uneducated in this area, when it’s their responsibility to make sure they are.

It’s too late now for any parent who has vaccinated their child to give the excuse that they didn’t know. That’s because they never bothered to look, to check or to ensure the safety of a drug they’ve allowed the government to administer to their baby. They never bothered to look further than the mainstream agenda toting media. The media who is in cahoots, who reciprocates funding with the same corporations providing us with these inoculations that do more harm than the virus it supposedly protects us from.

We are two years now into flattening a curve that was meant to take a matter of weeks, supposedly. None of it adds up at all and it’s so intensely obvious, everything is getting dramatically worse, week by week.

What are you walking blindly into? If you disagree with this article would it hurt to just check out some people in dire states after taking this vaccine, wishing so much they hadn’t, wishing they hadn’t offered up their precious children to be part of TRIALS?

We have already reached a point where football players are collapsing and dying on live television in dramatic succession, none of it adds up, the ‘science’, the people pushing it. Just try a bit of critical thinking and most importantly we have to keep our children safe.

There is a darkness spreading around the world and it doesn’t care how old it’s victim is, don’t feed it because of ignorance or fear.

We are responsible for what happens next.

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