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Using Common Sense Over VACCINATIONS.

The argument over vaccinations isn’t even about being a pro-vaxer or an anti-vaxer. In actuality it’s about common sense, sensible questioning and full understanding of the science that stands behind the reasoning.

The basic theory behind vaccines is as follows;- to build on your immune system, making it stronger and promoting certain aspects of your immunity capabilities and manipulating them to work against a particular pathogen.

In theory, priming your immune system with fragments of an organism , so the body will begin to recognise it and then is able to develop anti bodies capable of triggering an immunising response.

Intrinsically, the effect of a vaccine should be to develop a positive antibody response and if this is the case then the vaccine has created a positive outcome.

The main problem that we are facing and the reason why we are so divided and at war with one another whether to vaccinate or not to comes down to the fact that we do not have ‘informed consent’. We are never told honestly about the effects/ ingredients/ positive or negative benefits and we are never given any other variants, another option.

‘Iatrogenic;-  (adjective) relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment’

Drugs may cause effects which can lead to ‘iatrogenic’ disease. Vaccinations, have been proven to lead to iatrogenic diseases. Time has come to show this with the rising levels of Autism, Epilepsy, Allergies etc.

When a mother of a new baby fully understands toxicity and knows the levels of toxins that will be administered to her child via a vaccine, common sense screams out that it is beyond being far too toxic and shouldn’t be anywhere near her child.

It’s just not good enough to label a vaccine as ‘effective’ because it is able to fight off one particular pathogen. If the Doctor fails to make the families aware of all the other ‘effects’ and just brushing them off as ‘possible unfortunate side effects’. They aren’t side effects, they are EFFECTS and we have become far too used to just accepting this as good enough.

That is anything but ‘informed consent’.

Do you think vaccine companies are completely oblivious to the fact that their products cause the awful array of injuries, most lasting lifetimes or limiting lifespan. Of course they know these facts, and based on this they should no longer administer the drug.

If after receiving a vaccination you’re likely to end up living with seizures or some kind of mental illness, you should have definitely been informed of that before hand, so you can responsibly make an informed decision about your health and well being.

You would surely expect there to be some kind of law that makes sure we are protected from such horrors, right?! Wrong.

Under requirements and laws CDC (The Centres For Disease Control) have said that there is NO federal requirement for informed consent for vaccinations, relinquishing them of any legal responsibility.

In medical schools vaccines are brushed over, barely discussed in any kind of depth at all. It is professed that ‘vaccines save lives’ and an outline is provided to each MD explaining how they are used within paediatric clinics.

Many Doctors discover the truth about vaccines years into their careers through concerned free thinking parents, some never understand the detrimental nature of vaccines as they’re so trusting of where their information has come from, never looking into the vaccine companies themselves.

Vaccines suppress you from being able to develop your own immunity as a child, so that if an individual is exposed to something later on in their lives they may not have the ability to fight off the pathogens causing the illness.

There are so many ingredients inside vaccines that impairs cell structure and cell function. They leave a lasting and damaging affect.

Trained medical professionals have no idea what’s inside vaccines, unless they have responsibly sourced that information for themselves. They are never taught this, they are only trained to devise a schedule for when children are to receive it.

In the medical curriculum for Harvard, vaccines are not explained in depth. So even being taught at the highest level doesn’t make you privy to such valuable information.

What is vaccine hesitancy?

Vaccine hesitancy is a delay in acceptance or flat out refusal of a vaccine despite availability of vaccination services. When this occurs parents are urged to reconsider, to the point where their Doctor can harass them or fear monger them into going through with it. We even have cases throughout the world now, where children are not allowed to attend school without being up to date on their jabs.

‘Paternalism;- (noun) the policy or practice on the part of people in authority of restricting the freedom and responsibilities of those subordinate to or otherwise dependent on them in their supposed interest.’

Patients are being forced to leave medical practices if not adhering to guidelines over vaccines. Medical professionals are even taught strictly that this is the worst way to run a professional practice.

The AAP (American Association for Paediatricians) have a page on their website dedicated to vaccine hesitancy and tips on how to coerce and persuade the patients.

Looking at the different types of vaccines can help determine if the vaccine would be beneficial. In certain vaccines there are ‘live’ viruses, some have ‘killed bacteria’ or even ‘pieces of virus’, this would contain particles of toxins or some kind of external bacteria. These in particular can not stimulate immunity and that’s when the likes of Aluminium is added to them. Aluminium is one of the predominant metals found in nature, but experimental research has shown that it has the potential to induce very serious immunological disorders, long term brain inflammation with associated neurological complications. However, some medicines are unable to permeate cell membranes without being taken along side the likes of Zinc to encourage this, Zinc is an adjuvant that modifies the effects of other agents.

Flu Vaccines don’t ‘need’ Aluminium, it supposedly stimulates an antibody response and this can sometimes mean that patients could suffer from allergies later on in life. Proving natural immunities are short lived after having certain types of vaccines.

Regardless of whether or not the vaccine holds a ‘live virus’ etc, the recipient should be made aware of every single ingredient they are allowing inside their bodies.

Here is an example of just a few ingredient included in a basic flu shot;-

-Potassium Chloride – known as E numbers in food/ also used in the Lethal Injection

-Thimerosal – contains high amount of Mercury

-TRITON X100 – ‘Excellent detergent!!’

-Formaldehyde – ‘mainly used in the production of industrial resins- toxicity and volatility means it poses a significant danger to human health’

-Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA) – used to dissolve limescale

Todays children are getting up to 69 doses of 16 types of vaccines. The Federal Government are suggesting that every child should be administered this amount of vaccinations in such a short space of time.

This has tripled in thirty years, so in theory, children should be so much healthier than they were back then, but in all honesty the opposite is actually accurate.

  • 1/6 children now experience learning difficulties
  • 1/9 have Asthma
  • 1/50 have Autism
  • 1/400 developed Diabetes
  • Or….Arthritis, epilepsy, mental illness, bipolar, all of which have increased over the years in correlation with the increased vaccinations.

Parents who were choosing not to vaccinate their children, on average were parents who were earning over $70,000 so were of a higher socio economic income and were making their own informed decisions.

Doctors themselves are even choosing alternative medicines over the CDC schedule in terms of their own children.

When put in a situation where people are asking for their professional advice they with-hold information out of fear of losing their jobs. (CDC Employees).

“Key elements of the immunization schedule- for example, the number, frequency, timing, order and age at the time of administration of vaccines- have NOT been systematically tested and examined in research studies”

Institute of Medicine.

“Exposure to mixed stressors, can produce health consequences that are additive, synergistic, antagonistic, or can potentiate the response expected from individual component measures’

Report from NORA Mixed Exposures Team.

Since the 1980’s congress have protected vaccine manufacturers from being sued. Under the Vaccine Injury act.



Immunity from any kind of litigation!

You should NOT be able to practice without liability! Surely the patient should be protected, over the manufacturer of the product. Yet there are still so many out there that trust their Doctors to give them these law bound vaccines!

There is literally no risk for them at all, no need for any kind of quality control. Because of this messed up loop hole we now have neurotoxins in vaccines.

Congress have said it is a statutory obligation to let people know that there is a vaccine injury compensation organization, which would suggest that those within the medical profession should be very much aware of the negative side effects of vaccines and should be receptive to patients who come to their practice seeking help and professional advice over a vaccine injury, medical professionals should be the ones who are able to recognise vaccine related injuries.

It is however not common knowledge that this is even an actual thing and that injuries are meant to be reported and documented.

All irregularities experienced by a patient after a vaccine are always diagnosed as ‘completely normal’ or as just a ‘coincidence’

The fact that VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service) even exists says everything.

Why can’t people be bothered to question vaccines, legally vaccines are deemed unavoidably unsafe!

It’s truly devastating, parents are being the ones left responsible when a vaccine company ruins theirs and their Childs life. The last loophole remaining to sue a vaccine company dissolved within the last decade. The last loophole was ‘if a safer alternative can be found then you have a case’, but now, there’s nothing, all responsibility is on us as parents.

As it should be, but can we stop bringing a middle man into our kids lives, especially the type that are only in this for their own selfish greed.

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