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Understanding The ‘So Called’ Science.

The World Health Organization and the CDC confirmed a short while ago that variants of COVID have been caused due to gene deletion and gene mutation.

A new vaccine was released and it has been claimed by the United States Army that this ‘Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle’ (SpFN) vaccine works against all existing strains and variants of COVID-SARS.

The CDC talk of a VOC (Variant Of Concern), one of serious concern for the general public is known as ‘NS01Y’, this is an actual genetic mutation resulting from ‘reverse genetics’ also know as ‘cloning’.

Such ‘science’ requires directed deletions of cells and this results in ‘gene knockout’, meaning cell functionality ceases entirely.

So in actuality your individual and very natural genes are being tapered at very specific points so that this RNA vaccine technology can swoop in with a whole new lab made sequence, which sadly can result in permanent mutation of our cells.

This technology was established whilst researchers were attempting to find a cure for cancer, but instead what they realized was that they were able to knock out certain genes at certain points in their sequence, which then resulted in certain proteins no longer being generated by the cells in our body, and due to the ‘scientists’ doctoring the sequences of the cells and by swapping certain proteins it made way for the very rapid development of cancer growth.

Not only would a patient exposed to this kind of medical technology potentially become irreversibly sick, but this is also technology that was developed to lower human intelligence and alter natural human behavior.

The research for this was done by one of the big names out there at the moment, Moderna as well as others in the current pharmaceutical market, all of which prove daily that their concern for human health is nowhere near as much of a priority as raking in cash and deteriorating human health full stop.

On a side note the SpFN patent also contains ‘HIV-1’ which is owned by none other than man of the moment Anthony Fauci. This also contains something known as Luciferase (Insect DNA), the purpose of which is to track a persons movement.

The ingredients also refers to something which they are calling ‘Alhydrogel’, known to the rest of us as Graphene Oxide, which is essentially atomic sized razor blades contained within the vaccine compound.

You’ll never believe it but this technology all came from a lab in Wuhan China too.

Just make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re willing to receive from governments and corporations who have their own set agendas. Especially for the sake of our children.

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