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U.S. retailers won’t enforce face mask rules

Some of the biggest U.S. retailers including Walmart that have instituted mandatory mask policies over the past two weeks are now revoking the mandatory policy, following dangerous confrontations with customers refusing to wear the masks, many companies are cancelling their mask mandates.

Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other nationwide retailers said they would happily serve customers even if they violate mask mandates, according to CNN. The change in policy is to prevent confrontations between customers and employees.

The companies want to avoid negative publicity and potential violence stemming from customers refusing to wear face masks in stores. This comes after multiple events where customers became angry, including one instance where a man brandished a gun at a Walmart employee because of the mask mandate, masked customers ganging up on abusing an elderly man for refusing to wear a mask & a woman spitting all over the front counter for being asked to leave for not wearing the muzzle.

This news comes as a huge win for people actively resisting to comply with the draconian measures imposed by the government.

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