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Turkish occupation arrests its own mercenaries for refusing to fight in Idlib

Turkish occupation forces arrested tens of its own mercenary terrorists in Ras al-Ayn area in Hasaka northwestern countryside after they had attempted to retreated towards Turkey fearing for their lives aimed advancing Syrian Arab Army in Idlib.

Turkish occupation forces closed border in front of its own mercenary terrorists in Hasaka northern countryside after their attempts to flee from Ras al-Ayn city towards Turkey for safety, arresting many of them because they refused to fight in Idlib.

Encouraged by Erdogans army, “the terrorists in that area have been reported kidnapping women and continue to loot the citizens’ properties in the villages along the front lines with the Syrian Arab Army in the surroundings of Ras al-Ayn, as they demolished the mud houses in Um Eshbah village with the aim of stealing and selling wood and electrical wires”.

Source from south front 

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