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100% Pure, Irish…Sheep!

They say the Irish ☘️ are one of the proudest nations on earth. Who doesn’t love a Paddy day celebration? 

Those drunken green wearing Irish roaming the streets spreading cheer, joy and happiness! 

That famous charm of an Irish man ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish!’.

They walk around so proudly wearing those green T shirts with their whiskey labels and ginger beards. But P-Day seems to be where the fun and joy suddenly ends.

The Irish, back in their little island they call home, are run by a tyrannical corrupt government. 

Some have compared their politicians to greedy businessmen working mostly under larger foreign cooperation’s, instead of serving the will of the people and looking out for their interests. 

This so called government continues to undermine their people, in fact they have been doing so for years, and today they continue to sell off the countries assets to large foreign firms, whether it’s the government or this opposition who call themselves ‘Sinn Fein’, who claim to be of nationalist but moderate views, calling for equality and stronger social care systems. 

The truths about this so called opposition is far more sinister than what they seem, they are nothing more than controlled opposition, serving the same agenda of the parties they publicly oppose, much like the Scottish SNP in the United Kingdom, who says all the right things but does all the wrong things. 

However this article isn’t solely going to concentrate on those in power today, their time will come. 

This little island today has become a haven and a testing ground for corporate criminals. It is largely privatized, including their underdeveloped healthcare system, and their almost non existent social care system which barely looks after their own people. Greedy and corrupt politicians who continue to cash in on people’s health, an overpriced monopolized consumer market, large private lands and beaches owned by rich foreign bankers and investors and the list goes on and on ….. 

Today Ireland is experiencing one of the most extreme privacy invasive lock-down measures the world has seen, with the police going as far as looking into shoppers bags to determine if their shopping was essential or not. 

Leo Varadkar (An Taoiseach) & Simon Harris (Minister of Health)

Now the government is enforcing a mandatory ‘track and trace’ system to all arrivals back to the country or else they face hefty fines and a possible prison sentence if they dare to question this new method or refuse to comply.

The government and their cronies in the media continue to remind the people of Ireland of the ‘New Normal’ they call it, the social distancing rules, an idea that was invented by a 14 year old school girl, which has been debunked and laughed at by medical professionals. An idea that has been debunked scientifically, much like the new rules of mandatory masks on public transport and inside public buildings, which has been proven by medical professionals not only of its obsoleteness in preventing infections, but also of its great harm to our health by continuing to inhale CO2 instead of oxygen. 

But the worst part isn’t what the government is doing, it’s what they are getting away with so easily. 

The Irish often praise themselves for their past, a time when their ancestors have stood for something, when their ancestors fought for their civil liberties and freedoms and indeed managed to take back their rights and freedom from their colonial English rulers at the time, the freedom that most Irish today not only took for granted, but so easily have been giving away especially during this lock-down. 

Sadly unlike many other nations in the world who have taken to the streets during the lock-downs, protesting governments swift power grabs and violations of their privacy and human rights, the vast majority of Irish citizens, without a shred of research, without questioning their governments narrative, have obeyed all the strict tyrannical rules forced upon them.

They sat in their homes like terrified little children from a virus that’s yet to be proven to even exist. 

This very proud nation didn’t only stop at being so ignorantly gullible and obedient, but during the lock-down they have also viciously attacked and ridiculed the small number of people in the island who have tried to resist the governments tyrannical rules. 

Some have gone as far as calling the police on their neighbours for daring to walk their dogs ‘too often’…

But this happy resilient nation did find a reason to go out there and line up, the Irish were rewarded for their weeks of obedience … the government allowed a few branches of the fast food giants McDonald’s to reopen in some parts of the country, giving the Irish all the time in the world to line up in their cars for hours on end in drive throughs after weeks of closure during the lock-down. 

The Irish were so exited to purchase their fix of junk food that some have lined up for over 6 hours travelling over 140 KM to reach their nearest open reopened branch, then so happily shared their experience so proudly on social media with their other Irish friends and family. 

Speaking of my personal views here, someone who is well traveled , and was unfortunate to live in that island for sometime, I can tell you that as far as people go, I found many of the Irish to be amongst the most ignorant, most prejudice, uneducated, irritating, politically unaware and the greediest I have ever come across. But then I’ve come to get to know the so called nationalists or republicans, as they like to call themselves. That bunch tops the list hands down. 

Many of those people who consider themselves to be revolutionaries and resistors, have on so many occasions openly insulted Arabs and Muslims while at the same time claimed to be supporters of Palestine. When I questioned many of them, they couldn’t even point out where Palestine is on a map, nor did they understand what a Palestinian identity is. 

Today apparently they are applauded by a suggestion from their power happy prime minister to remove some IRA statues. They are so outraged that they are finally considering getting off their lazy behinds and taking action by going out in the streets in protest. 

One can’t help but wonder that if those people were so genuine about their nation, then why did they stand still while the rights of their citizens were so visciouly stripped away? Many had to lose their livelihoods, businesses and more importantly their loved ones in the lock-downs, when even their cause of death was manipulated. To top it off, those grieving mourners were even prevented from attending their funeral of their loved ones.

So when a government decides to lie to its people over the Covid19 hoax simply to control every aspect of daily life, including the right to pay your respects to your own flesh and blood, then maybe its time to say goodbye to the ‘proud’ people of Ireland, once and for all.

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