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This Washington Dad Rescued His Daughter From A Sex Trafficking Ring – Then Killed The Man Who Sold Her Into It

In October 2020, John Eisenman’s teenage daughter went missing — and he soon found that she’d been taken by a sex-trafficking ring in Seattle. So not only did he track her down and rescued her from sexual slavery, he then sought vengeance.

According to Spokane police, the enraged father hunted down his daughter’s boyfriend, who allegedly sold her for $1,000. Eisenman abducted 19-year-old Andrew Sorensen, bound and gagged him, then stuffed him into the trunk of his car. Then Eisenman hit Sorensen over the head with a cinderblock and stabbed him to death before abandoning the vehicle with the body still in the trunk.

See the photos and go inside the disturbing full story here: https://bit.ly/3GNi5em See less

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