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This is a very kidney-toxic drug, and in animal trials, 1/3 of animals went into kidney failure after remdesivir.

Published: 31.5.2022 2:11

And remdesivir, in November of ’20, the WHO said, ‘DON’T USE REMDESIVIR! It doesn’t work. It doesn’t add survival benefit. It adds no benefit. Don’t use remdesivir.’

And yet here we are using it. A hospital will get a 20% bonus on the hospitalization if they put that needle in the arm of the individual and give remdesivir, so there’s a huge financial incentive to give a kidney-toxic drug.”

So far, all of the drugs developed against COVID-19 have been disastrous. Remdesivir, which is the primary COVID drug approved for use in U.S hospitals, routinely cause severe organ damage and, often, death.

“Remdesivir is an experimental drug developed by biotech company Gilead Sciences in collaboration with the CDC & Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

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