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The War on Islam

A look at the prophecies of the Dajjal from Islam and how the world has been prepared for the arrival through preparations from the likes of the Freemasonic West.

The Prophet Mohammad prophesised that there would be people who would plot the demise of Islam, the nations of the world do exactly this today. He predicted the time of confusion where the system would ensnare the people through materialistic means and lure them away from truth.

In world war one the free masonic government infiltrated the Islamic Caliphate areas and put certain areas to British mandate and inserted their own puppets who they could use to their own personal gain.

The Gulf wars united the West and divided the Middle East, all of which had been planned so long in advance but all for the purpose of the same outcome, to aim at destroying Islam.

Since this time there has been a very strong and consistent hold on the Middle East in order to attain a strong hold on all Muslim Holy lands.

The documentary also examines the part that Zionism has had to play in attempting to bring the destruction of Islam, from funding political movements to inciting hate and initiating wars through falsified means, from staged attacks to completely fabricated stories.

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