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The truth about the lies

In 2017 President Assad was again accused of using chemical weapons on his own people, a similar claim was made in 2013 also.

The U.N were sent in to investigate crimes against humanity and what they found was that Sarin Gas was used by the Rebels rather than the Syrian Government.

Around this time the media in the West had been covering the work of The Syrian Civil Defence, apparent activists working in Idlib at the time, however these weren’t the genuine homegrown Syrian Civil Defence but were a group funded by Al Qaeda who were also known as The White Helmets.

The White Helmets were hugely commended for their work in Syria, but were actually just another branch of the Salafi/Wahabi terrorists who were creating false footage of the supposedly defending and treating civilians.

The video uses credible information to debunk the false claims in regards to the Syrian war.

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