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The Loss Of General Qasem Soleimani.

On the 3rd January, barely into the first week of the new decade the Popular Mobilization Forces Relations Director Muhammad Reda Aljabery was assassinated in an airstrike at Baghdad’s International airport. As if this news wasn’t devastating enough to the Middle East and their Resistance against the likes of ISIS, Iraqi State TV then confirmed the death of General Qasem Soleimani alongside Abu Mahdi alMuhandis, who also had been assassinated at Baghdad airport.

Qasem Soleimani & Abu Mehdi Al Muhandis.

It was quickly confirmed that the second most powerful person in Iran had been assassinated by U.S Forces. Tehran was immediately put on high alert.

Qasem Soleimani was the Iranian Major General in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and from 1998 until his martyrdom, Commander of it’s Quds Force, which was a division primarily responsible for extraterritorial military and clandestine operations.

The Quds force under his command conducted operations outside of Iran, in both Syria and Iraq and Lebanon.

Trump ordered for the assassination without seeking any kind of congressional authorization. The U.S had labelled Soleimani a terrorist almost two years ago, which according to America gives them legal leverage to execute him. However, Trumps actions have essentially made himself a terrorist conducting an illegal act of war.

America remained silent initially and the first response from them was a simple image via the social networking platform Twitter, that image was of an American flag with no words accompanying it. A despicable response from one of the most powerful men in the world after such an awful criminal act.

Soleimani was anything but a terrorist, he was a strategic mastermind who was massively responsible for clearing out masses of the infestation that is ISIS.

                                 “Iran vows retaliation.”

Senior Iranian Official Mohsen Rezai.

In this situation Iran has not been the aggressor, in fact the total opposite. Compared to the actions of U.S, who have fueled tensions and terrorism in Iran, they ripped up the Iranian Nuclear Deal, imposed murderous sanctions that have harmed the Iranian people and have consistently threatened war and have now assassinated one of the most important people in Iran.

The US statement by the Department of Defense claims;

“At the direction of the President, the U.S Military has taken decisive defensive action to protect U.S personnel abroad by killing Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, a U.S-Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.

General Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.”

Last October plans to assassinate Qasem Soleimani were overthrown. A group of Hebrew Arabs had bought out a property next door to Soleimani’s late Fathers religious hall and had planned to detonate bombs placed beneath the building during Ashura Mourning Processions. Thanks to the skill of the RGIC, the terrorists were caught and arrested and the attack was prevented.

The head of the Iraqi Shia Cleric Muqtada alSadir who leads the Sadrist Movement has announced that he will now reactivate the ‘Anti U.S Mahdi Army’ in order to defend Iraq after these atrocities.

War is now feeling imminent world wide and this huge push for it has come indirectly from Israel and Saudi Arabia through Trump in order to provoke Iran.

France has publicly said that these actions have made the world ‘more dangerous’, which it has.

Esmail Ghaani, successor to Qasem Soleimani. Worked along side Soleimani since 1997.

Iran swiftly announced that the successor of Soleimani would be Esmail Ghanni, who was his Deputy in command. He will now become the leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Foreign Operations Branch of Quds Force.

Ghanni has worked alongside Soleimani since 1997 so the tactics of the Quds Force will remain the same.

It was made public that U.S troops have been deployed by the thousands from Fort Bragg and are heading towards the Middle East. U.S have vowed to gain revenge, putting so many American lives at risk and for what exactly? To please the likes of Israel.

At this point there had still been no military response from Iran, other than their wish for patience in order to respond accordingly.

However, soon after the red flag was then hoisted by Iran on the Holy Dome of Jamkaran Mosque, which is a very old Iranian tradition, signifying that war is to come. This is a terrifying situation and will have huge implications, there will be so much bloodshed and sadness and the one responsible will be Donald Trump, who is as good as the head of ISIS.

The “red flag” was raised for the first time, warning of severe battle to come.

The Western media are having a field day slandering the name of this beautiful brave man, Soleimani. Suggesting that his death is an occasion greater than that of the death of Osama Bin Laden. They’re claiming he was an evil man and that he does not deserve to be mourned.

The media is awash with videos, some of which are actually historical and not relevant but they show Iraqis in the street celebrating and dancing. The individuals doing this are in small numbers and are extremists that definitely do not represent the vast majority of the country. It’s blatant propaganda to support Trumps devastating decision.

The following day the streets have been filled with hundreds of thousands of people celebrating and mourning the life of the General. People are out en masse in respect and love or this man. Showing their gratitude for everything he as done in the Middle East. Making people safer from rats infesting the streets and taking innocent lives and destroying historical buildings.

He will be remembered for that in the hearts of people who are true and who are on the right side of history.

Qatar have shown their solidarity by raising a black flag to signify who they are in alignment with.

As it stands the Popular Mobilization Forces have urged all units of Iraqi Security Forces to stay clear from any U.S Military bases situated inside Iraq and it was reported that six rockets were fired from Mosul city towards U.S Military bases near Baghdad.

A handwritten will in Soleimani’s writing has surfaced in which he states;

                         “My wife, I have chosen my burial place in the cemetery of the Martyrs of Kerman,  Mahmoud knows it. I want my gravestone to be simple. Just write ‘Soldier Qasem  Soleimani’ no more titles and phrases.”

President Trump was completely oblivious to who Soleimani even was three years prior to ordering his assassination. Historical tweets from Trump have even emerged where he has slammed Obama for wanting war with Iran and now he himself is in this position he has actually instigated a full blown war by killing a huge Iranian figure, with no justifiable cause.

Images of Soleimani alongside U.S soldiers fighting ISIS terrorists are all over the internet which is evidence that Trumps claims are false, and that Soleimani was actually fighting the right people.

Iraqi Parliament have now voted to dispel U.S troops from Iraq, which is a monumental decision and this action alone speaks volumes.

The U.S’s claim for their attack are nonsensical, they are completely provocative and it means that Iraq will align with Iran on this. It makes Americans targets in the Middle East and it demonstrates to the world that U.S policies come with their own set of laws, that supersede laws the rest of the world is expected to abide by.

Trump has threatened to attack Iran again, aiming to destroy 52 sites including cultural and historical sites.

                           “Some at a very high level and important to Iran and Iranian culture”

Trumps plans are similar to the likes of ISIS’ terrorist acts which included the destruction of cultural heritage of Iraq and Syria.

The Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi of Iraq went publically to explain that Soleimani was in Baghdad at his invitation, which means he could not have been there illegally or considered a terrorist.

Soleimani was invited to Iraq to de-escalate tensions between Iran and Saudi, and now Iraq have passed a resolution expelling Americans, that alone speaks volumes.

A Russion Military delegation has been sent to the Iranian embassy in Syria to sincerely express their condolonces at the loss of a truly great man.

Whilst all of this has been happening, Trump has been on vacation in his Palm Springs Beach resort, tweets and orders all sent whilst golfing and socialising.

In case the world was unsure of how mentally unstable Trump actually is he notified Congress of his intentions via Tweet,  that he would strike back at Iran, should any U.S persons become a target;

                                      “These Media Posts will serve as notification to the United States Congress that should Iran strike any U.S person or target, the United States will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate manner. Such legal notice is not required, but is given. Nonetheless.”

Security in the States is now at the same standard it was at after 9/11, showing how the assassination did now create security and safety for America but actually has made danger imminent and they know this, why else would they be on such high alert?

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah expressed in his speech that the U.S civilians are not to be touched or harmed in any way, he claims that to harm an American citizen would be in keeping with Trumps agenda.

He has urged for extreme clarity that is against his wishes to harm a single civilian.

There are plenty who will stand alongside Iran through this and plenty who will choose to defend terrorists. The war will be fought on all planes, through taking up arms and through a media frenzy, with falsified claims to silencing prominent leaders, which has already been done on Twitter. President of Syria Bashar Al Assad has had his account deleted.

If people are to be rendered voiceless while the media is awash with lies, understanding the true nature of this war will become almost impossible. So many will be misinformed and will choose to defend terrorists believing they are fighting for the good of the people.

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