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The Great Fear Pandemic.

If you can analyse the current status of the world objectively, it’s very apparent that fear is the true face of the pandemic that is keeping people locked away from one another.

The simple fact is that seasonal flu kills a vast number of people every year and the rate of mortality during this years flu season is not an anomaly.

The only difference with this particular season is that the flu has a revamped name and the main stream media is making dead certain that their focus is on who is dying and where they are located.

What is happening is truly sinister, and the truth is actually unbelievable.

The Coronavirus is a flu strain that has been around longer than December of last year, but a mutated strain of the virus was created in a lab by Pirbright, a company funded by the likes of the U.N, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the British Government, just to name a few. The virus was created with the purpose of creating a biological weapon and ended up being released in Wuhan where funnily enough was the same place that 5G technology was originally rolled out.

Iran have been on the receiving end of a mutated strain of the virus also, as well as still living under unfair sanctions which are contributing to the high mortality rate. Might we also just bring up what happened at the start of 2020, with the assassination of General Soleimani and the US basically declaring war, so there are apparent motives for Iran to be on the receiving end of a bio weapon, this is however, only a theory.

If we choose to look at Italy and question why it is they too have been hit so badly, it could be put down to the simple fact that they may not have acted with enough speed to contain the virus, or if you look a bit deeper for a political motive, it would seem that Italy have recently engaged in a trade deal with China which would result in dealings between Italy and the US no longer being such a high priority for Italy, but again this is just a theory of a plausible motive.

Lets just analyse COVID-19 as a weapon used to spread terror and fear.

The whole world bar a select few countries are in total lock down, meaning that no persons are allowed to leave their homes unless the need to is absolutely essential,

Leaving the house once a day is permitted. Schools and most work places have their doors firmly closed until further notice, but why?

This particular virus can simply be killed with soap and water, that alone should have alarm bells ringing and should make people want to ask more questions. Not to mention that nobody seems to know anybody who has contracted the virus and out of those that are dying, 80% have at least two pre-existing illnesses, and serious ones at that.

Everyone is locked in their homes and the majority are probably sat in front of their T.V’s under the false pretense of ‘saving lives’.

The news is constantly talking about the virus, as a world locked down is not a very news worthy one, so the focus of the medias narrative is Coronavirus only.

Death is mentioned repeatedly as well as updates of people reporting others for leaving their homes more than once in a single day.

This is INSANITY!!!!

There are elderly  people who are home alone and probably terrified, not able to care for themselves as care workers are no longer allowed to attend homes and administer the care that is needed.

Families are stuck at home together and parents are being expected to begin home schooling their children, and if they’ve bought into this whole farce, they are scared and stressed and in no state to be attempting to deliver the schools curriculum to their kids.

What should be focussed on and reported are the suicide statistics as they are rocketing because people are struggling to cope with what is being force fed to them.

People are terrified inside their own homes and are becoming more and more afraid of venturing outside because they are believing that they’ll be chastised or judged by others for non-essential living, they believe they could also contract the virus and die, or they could be a carrier and could potentially risk the lives of those that they love.

Strangers have become more wary of each other and are rigidly sticking to the social distancing guidelines.

Look at what we have become in such a short space of time, it is unbelievable and very sad how much people are placing their faith in news networks and their governments, even though time and time again we have been given more than enough reason not to.

Scientists, Doctors and nurses and other professionals are giving educated answers to the many questions people have in regards to the credibility of the statistics the news is showing us repeatedly and have proven over and over that the numbers and details being reported are actually false and these fake numbers are tailored to support the bogus reports.

But why are we experiencing this pandemic?

There are many reasons, so here’s a few potentially credible explanations;-

A pandemic provides a fantastic reason to administer mandatory vaccinations- and the man pushing this particular agenda is Bill Gates, a man who is not shy when it comes to declaring we need to depopulate the Earth in order for us to have harmony.

This man still needs to be put on trial for the atrocities he committed in Kenya, when he trialled a vaccination that rendered all the women infertile- this is obviously in keeping with decreasing the population, but it seems this guy is untouchable.

Gates holds shares in the World Health Organization and was responsible for hiring an under qualified terrorist as it’s leader.

Gates is now suggesting that no one should be allowed to travel without a certificate to say that they have received their vaccination.

All of those suggestions and procedures are leading to the RFID chip, which will also coincide with us irradiating the need for cash. Forming a cashless society. When you have all of your information and financial worth stored on this chip it makes you a controllable pawn in their sick game.

So this pandemic really does have the potential to break the economy. So many small business owners will have already lost everything already through the strain all of this has already caused.

As if all of the above isn’t enough reasoning for this crazy state we find ourselves in, there’s one more thing we all need to become aware of and that’s the roll out of 5G.

Wuhan was the very first place this occurred and also if you look geographically at the correlation between the 5G roll out and the people affected by the Coronavirus outbreaks, there is a sinister likeness, suggesting the two go together somehow.

Not only that, whilst everyone is locked away in their homes 5G towers and masts are being erected everywhere, in school grounds, behind police stations, hidden inside street lights and also hidden within street signs. There’s plenty of evidence of this very readily available online or even on a street near you, soon if not already.

There are many who have a lot to gain through this horrendous dilemma.

Follow the money to the top and you will always find the same people.

Those people at the top are the same conglomerates who own the media, the pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, in fact any facet of life, and they are sick minded, soulless beings. They have their own priorities and agendas and all that remains of the population are nothing to them, they are deemed worthless if old or sick or they are considered as good as a battery with the sole purpose of keeping their corrupt system running to benefit them,

It sounds insane, but when psychopaths run the world, what do you expect?

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