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The Dark Past of Barry Soetoro (AKA Barrack Obama)

Americas 44th President, Barrack Hussein Obama, the only president to be born outside the contiguous 48 states is a hot topic for President Trump at the moment, the hashtag ‘OBAMAGATE’ has been trending as the Russian collusion and Flynn unmasking fiasco shows the Obama administration had corrupt ways and means of trying to get their desired outcome.

American born Ann Dunham met Kenyan born Muslim, Barrack Obama Senior in Hawaii whilst studying Russian (suspiscious?) in 1960 and were married six months before they welcomed their son in 1961, who was named after his birth father and his birthplace was Hawaii.

Ann Dunham later on remarried, a man called Lolo Soetoro and her new husband legally adopted Barrack. His name was registered as ‘Barry Soetoro’ and he was also registered as a Muslim, in Jakarta.

In 1971 ‘Barry’ was sent to live with his Grandparents back in Hawaii, and they at the time were known communists.

Barry went on to meet Frank Marshall Davis, a very close friend of his Grandparents. Frank was a journalist, a poet and was also known to be a communist as well as a Labour Union Activist. A strong bond was built between the two and Barry saw him as an important mentor whilst he was in twelfth grade, influencing him greatly.

“I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students…the Marxist professors and structural feminists…”

‘DREAMS OF MY FATHER’ book of bogus truths by Barrack Obama.

Obama later went on to meet very wealthy Muslim elites whilst in college, some who had come to study from Karachi, Pakistan. One of these friends was his room mate, radical muslim Mohammad Hassan Chandoo who he took a trip to Pakistan with. Obama was fascinated by his Muslim group of friends and their lifestyle. It was alluded that he even had sexual relations with one of them and his 2008 election campaign made sure this was well hidden from the media, until Obama accidentally mentioned said trip whilst on his campaign tour, and this sent his ‘handlers’ panicking, Obama was trying to insist he had more foreign policy credentials that Clinton or McCain, expressing on his resume  about his extensive foreign travel. This trip to Pakistan was never mentioned again. However, Chandoo was a major campaign ‘bundler’ for Obama and managed to raise somewhere in the margin of $100,000 for him.

Barrack Obama & Hassan Chandoo.

Obama attended Harvard and left with a Juris Doctor degree. Whilst in attendance he served as a president of the Harvard Law Review. He then moved to Chicago where he made it as an Attorney and as a Community Organizer, During this time Obama swore under oath that he had never been legally known by any other name. So his career as an honest attorney was off to a flying start.

Obama was radically inspired by a book he reads called ‘Rules for Radicals’ a book written by Saul Allansky a Neo Marxist. The book detail exactly how to successfully run a movement for change. The writer also encourages his audience/ following to completely dehumanize their oppositions. It’s probably worth mentioning that this man also influenced a young Hillary Clinton.

“…lest we forget, at least an over the shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical; from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is known where mythology leaves off and history begins, or which is which?) the first radical know to man  who rebelled against the establishment  and did it so efficiently that he at least won his own kingdom- Lucifer”

Saul Allansky

Saul Allansky, author of ‘Rules for Radicals.

Obama went on to work for a group in the 80’s called the Developing Communities Project, all of which was inspired by Allansky.

All of Obamas mentors had their fingers in dangerous or corrupt pies, not to mention Mr. Bill Ayers, co founder of The Weather Underground, known as a Domestic Terrorist Organization, who is openly responsible for dozens of bombings of public places.

Another group founded by Ayers  was the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to reform public schools and he hired none other than Mr. Obama as the Chairman. Ayers writes for a grant application of $49 million and matching donors increased this amount. The funds were terribly managed and poorly accounted for and the schools saw no improvements or change whatsoever.

During his Presidential campaign his work as a ‘community organizer’ was portrayed as something for the public to be in admiration over, it was meant to demonstrate Obamas connection to ‘normal’ people, the general public, but it rarely is mentioned these days, quite like the trip to Pakistan. Perhaps due to the fact that the company he worked for ACORN- The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now have in fact embezzled around $5million from the community organization, completely abusing public trust.

ACORN were involved in voter registration, community organizing and advocacy for low income people for 40 years. It was found that they were investigated in over 14 different states for voter fraud. And on a side note, Obama represented them as  lawyer.

Obama later found a mentor in Reverend Jeremiah Wright a former Muslim and born again Christian. But through his campaign and time as President it was requested that he cut all ties and publically separate himself from anything to do with him due to the Reverend delivering sermons on terrorist attacks on US soil.

Obama represented a Lebanese developer, Tony Rezko. He was convicted of corruption charges and was given a ten year sentence to serve, It was alleged that he raised more than $14million for Obamas US Senate campaign.

Tony Rezko funded Obama.

Not only was Obama funded by dodgy Lebanese developers, he was heavily funded by George Soros, no further comments necessary for that particular donor.

All of the aforementioned mentors along with their corruption all occurred prior to Obama even reaching the Senate. This is probably a short list of many who invested in Obama and inspired him, who else’s help did he enlist in order to get himself into the White House?

This was all done with a little digging, it really didn’t take much at all. But through OBAMAGATE there is definitely not enough journalistic interest from the mainstream media at all.

That because the likes of Obama and Hillary have all the corrupt networks in their back pockets, they are the faces that are puppetted by the corrupt elite, who are the same folk that own all the mainstream corporations.

Obamagate, will be brushed over, but not by alternative media.

22 thoughts on “The Dark Past of Barry Soetoro (AKA Barrack Obama)

  1. The birth certificate for one barack hussein obama April 27, 2011 on White House Gov. has been proven to be a BAD FORGERY . This Clown Berry Soetoro aka barack hussein obama can’t produce a LEGAL US BIRTH CERTIFICATE ! The problem is the US Congress ignored US Constitutional law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 and let RACE TRUMP THE US CONSTITUTION in 2008 and again in 2012 !

      1. Some in the US Congress were afraid of the RACE CARD and said as much when people from MCSO Arizona showed them EVIDENCE OF BERRY’S FRAUD saying there might be RACE RIOTS if we question obama’s right to hold office ! It is not just the US Congress but the US Supreme Court that knows berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama is a FRAUD . IE US Supreme Court Justice Clearance Thomas ” We are ignoring the issue of NBC Natural Born Citizen as it pertains to qualifications for US President and giving you another option ” at a meeting on Capital Hill 2011 to a representative from Puerto Rico ! The question should be what does the fraud and usurper aka barack hussein obama have on Chief Justice John Roberts because he is the one who swore berry soetoro aka barack hussein obam into office TWICE ! The only reason why Joe Biden is US President now is because the US Congress and US Supreme Court IGNORED US Constitutional law in 2009 and 2013 and are still IGNORING Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution with allowing ANCHOR BABY Kamala Harris to be Joe Biden’s VP !

      2. Did you know Berry Soetoro aka barack hussein obama met with 8 of the 9 US Supreme Court Justices before he was sworn in to office January 2009 ? At the time there were cases going through the courts concerning berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama’s Constitutional Right to hold the office of US President ! Is US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts compromised and if so why ?

    1. Another point that gets overlooked is that he was an Indonesian citizen when he was adopted and going to a Muslim school. Dual citizenship was not an option. There would be records of his repatriation. Some suspect he was going to college as an foreign national. Even published a book about being Kenyan in America.

      You sounded like you had a handle on it for a second there…
      Make no mistake about it… when we take back AMERICA…
      There will be no mistakes… HILLARY is dead.. if a segment is aired
      and it contains content that details what HILLARY had to say ” TODAY ”
      We are either get a new AWAKENING TO REALITY…. Or you will have left
      them a foothold to hoist themselves back up on…. for another grasp at the ring.
      …. We will adopt a TAKE NO PRISONERS POLICY or die trying.. cause there IS NO GOING BACK.. And those without a kick ass ” AMERICA FIRST POLICY ”
      We are going to have to see them to the closest BORDER…
      Like finding your daughters boyfriend in her bedroom… they can go fuk at his house…. not mine… and she understands that is the condition to live in my home.
      …. AMERICANS.. have to clean out every illegal without current and active green cards,,,, I said AMERICANS… NOT THE CORRUPT MILITARY OF THE PAST 5O YEARS…

      1. So the day Hill was arrested at the 911 memorial, I think. When three her ass in the van. A few hours later she comes out of Chelsea house a new woman, completely. Body was different, she appeared to refreshed and doing just fine. That was a Hillary mask or clone.
        Where are they doing tribunals. .GiTmO ? I know a lot of ppl we are seeing are not their original self. There’s more but I’m blanking out.

  2. They forgot to mention the summer of 71 which then ten-year-old Barrak spent on a small island in Hawaii carousing naked with other naked boys and politicians and his ‘god parents’.

  3. With the level of corruption in the FBI & DOJ, the median & the democratic party, we can only expect divine intervention to save the free people of the USA.

  4. Think of it a fraud Berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama collecting retirement money ( US Taxpayer money ) for an office he NEVER legally held all because the US Congress ignored Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . The US Congress can’t just pick and chose which part of the US Constitution they will or will not enforce or can they ? Bottom line the no back bone US Congress let Race trump US Constitutional law in 2008 and 2012 . And politicians wonder why their approval rating is so low !

  5. I always wondered how a nobody, done nothing, politician came our of the swamp to become our president. Well, thanks to YouTube and Mucktales (?) interview with Judge Joe Brown, I now know, His stepfather LouLou Soutoro, who adopted Barry Soutoro, was in bed with George Bush Sr, who founded Halliburton. He also was a Bush CIA operative. There are pictures of Bush standing with his arm around a 6-8 yr old “Barry Soutoro”. So, Obama was groomed and put in this position by none other than the Bushes! Now I also know why he totally dissed his “WHITE” side of his family, he couldn’t afford for the spotlight to be put on them due to their communistic lifestyle and illegal activities. He was and is a traitor to this country and all we stood for

  6. The entire US Congress is still covering for the fraud and usurper berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama by allowing an election to be stolen from We The People and a LEGAL sitting US President Donald J. Trump ! Anchor Baby Kamala Harris is now Joe Biden’s VP = another TREASONOUS act by the US Congress all to protect the fraud and. usurper berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama ! What kind of dirt does the fraud and usurper berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama have on the entire US Congress and US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts ?

  7. This was the biggest Hoax played on the American people….until we get rid of George Soro’s and the NWO that want our destruction the fraud will never end. I read someplace that Barry is like 11th cousin to Bush Sr. It’s all in the family. President Trump is the only one not related to the Vile Left and NWO. Nothing is ever done for the justice we need for the Socialist Democrats that want the one World Government to take place, they still follow the Georgia Guide Stones and that is their goals. This is a fight for good and evil and we should pray that Good wins.

  8. US citizens have the right to abolish our current form of govt and replace it with whatever we prefer. Ive got one everyone may like…..
    – dissolve Congress in DC, eliminate the position
    of president, vp, and the Supreme Court
    – the amount of public tax dollars saved from
    the cost of security of having all the leaders in
    would be huge, not to mention those salaries
    gone as well
    – highest level of govt will be state
    – the 50 governors will collectively control the
    military and sit as the new “Supreme Council”
    (old supreme court)
    – each state’s govt will be restructured
    – state govt will consist of 6 Senators serving 6
    year terms(limit 2) and at least 1 rep from
    county, parish, burrough, etc depending on

    Theres more, but i believe yall get the jist. Basically remove the Federal Govt and have state govt move up. The more levels u remove the faster and mire efficient things run

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