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The Climate Change Saga

Carbon Dioxide has become the enemy of the planet, when in fact Carbon Dioxide is an integral gas which encourages and fuels the growth of plant life, which we as human organisms need in order to survive.

The sun has been the main factor in global warming and climate change. The suns cycles determine how much warmth we feel on the surface of the earth and this is determined by sun spots. These sun spots can sometimes be the size of planets larger than earth and these emit solar radiation, and the temperature of the radiation depends on what cycle or phase the sun is going through. This is not irregular and is exactly what has happened throughout history.

Carbon dioxide has dominated the earths atmosphere for an incredibly long time, it is plant food and not a pollutant, a very natural gas and one we need for creating the perfect atmosphere for human existence. As temperatures rise due to the increase in the suns heat emissions, the level of CO2 lags behind the increase in temperature.

More CO2 means more efficient growth for plants and for agriculture. This proves again that heat changes the climate rather than CO2. This is a fact that has been confirmed by many scientists.

Climate change is a real thing, but it is not what the media will have you believe it is.

The fact is that Governments in the west are hell bent on controlling the worlds energy supplies and wish to keep people living in third world conditions held back and keeping western civilisation remaining ahead.

The reason climate change is such a hot topic is because it’s another facet that the top business owners alongside governing bodies can exert authority and gain more control.

The elite needed to find a way to use the environment as an excuse to usher in a change to society, if there’s a global problem then that means there is a need for ‘globalised’ power, a very central power to organise and produce laws and rules and taxes that everyone must abide by/ adhere to.

These global powers not only pressure individuals but also the huge companies who are affecting the planet negatively. However, the difference being these conglomerates have lawyers ready for when accusations and bills come their way. They set aside funds in order to foot huge bills and fines for the policies they knowingly intend to go against.

Fines and taxes and regulations that are instated to ensure people aren’t knowingly adding to climate change don’t push the companies to reconsider their businesses.

The policies hurt average individuals, normal people who will suffer financially. The money that is generated through taxes and regulatory fines that are linked with greener deals all end up inside a government cache and there are currently no foreseeable plans for how this money will be used.

Carbon Tax has been placed on Western tax payers, who are basically being robbed under the guise of tax and the wealth accumulated by this is meant to be distributed internationally and economies are being cut right down and these monies will never end up in the hands of those truly in need of it but rather in the pockets of the U.N and other global regimes.

It’s suggested that the lifestyle choices or even ‘luxuries’ of the middle class are non-sustainable, due to families owning multiple cars and electronic devices and supposedly having much too high meat intake and air conditioning, meaning that small groups are consuming far too many of the worlds resources

Justin Trudeau of Canada as one example had planned to utilise the funds from oil pipe lines in order to fund the planting of trees. The Native tribes of Canada who genuinely look after their land will be pushed aside in favour of having money making dangerous pipe lines installed that are known to spill and cause damage. But when profit is the most important thing, that does make perfect sense…!?

These are counterproductive measures which only end up making money for the already incredibly rich and damaging Native lands that have remained untouched and beautiful throughout time.

One thing that is barely addressed is the environmental damage caused through wars, war has a devastating impact on the earth and the potential use of nuclear weapons will only add to damaging our planet.

 The people who contribute massively to the problems are the same people creating the rules. At face value what we see is a ‘lets all pull together to save the world’ rhetoric, when in actuality behind the scenes there are very dark negotiations, money threats, to obtain political support/ allies and business partners. And even if through coercion these global powers jump on board with this there’s a very high chance that those involved wont honour any agreements that have been made.

And what individuals end up with are new taxes implemented based on fear, that will have been strategically put in place by those gunning for this agenda.

The media is a weapon, used to indoctrinate the masses to have a ‘herd mind’, the media constructively over time replays the same message so that the public believe their thoughts are their own and they truly believe in what their governments are trying to do.

A prime example is Greta Thunberg a sixteen year old Swedish girl who has strategically dominated international headlines for her ‘activism’, lets just forget the fact that she has a history as an actress and that at least one of her parents has a media background, that’s obviously irrelevant and means nothing. This young girl has made the world sit up and listen through her shouty and tearful tantrums in front of the masses, she has been strategically thrown in front of world leaders and a huge hype has been created around her, to the point where she has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (which means nothing considering Obama had his hands dripping with blood when he received his), she has been recognised as one of the top 100 most influential people, amongst other things. This young girl is a pawn to rally up a following that will ask ‘how high?’ when the government says jump.

But all the worlds a stage and Greta is dominating screen time in order to condition us into believing us as individuals are ruining the planet.

What’s the point in switching to energy saving bulbs when Vegas stays open and lit all day every day. What’s the point in most things when we have oil companies spilling oil into the oceans and polluting the air with their industrial waste that comes from creating meaningless rubbish for us to spend money on.

Climate change is officially a big earner for the fat cats at the top and by buying into it we fund their regimes and allow ourselves to submerge deeper into a slave like society. We hand them all our cash in the form of taxes, the money doesn’t ever filtrate back into society, yet inflation occurs and leaves us deeper in the red.

Just as long as we know as individuals we leave the planet how we found it, if not better. Ready for our future generations to exist and experience life.

Its not being suggested that there’s no room for improvement in how we live, but don’t succumb to fear tactics from the media, all we need to survive is our basic common sense of wrong and right, not rules and regulations that cost money.

The planet is our home and isn’t something anyone can claim ownership on, so lets stop allowing the few who think they own it all to act as though they do.

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