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‘The Answer’

If our unreleased and unfavorable energy starts to slip away, why is it some of us seek it out, like a comfort blanket of the familiar?

Hurting ourselves because pain is more familiar than to break though the shadows of our ancestral cycles, repeating.

Does your subconscious strive to sabotage your spiritual ascension, so you can remain one of the ‘lucky ones’ who stay ‘sane’ during the end game, rather than embracing the inner warrior within us all?

What’s real anymore?

What reality are you perceiving?

Does your reality fathom that a war wages inside us all, no exceptions.

Could you accept that we could be co-existing with other unearthly beings, who are preparing to go up against a sinister evil alongside us.

Are you going to suit up and take the call? Or are you going to be engulfed by your fear and succumb to the will of others?

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