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Tensions are rising in Belarus 🇧🇾 after a week of unrest caused by pro western protestors following the election results which saw president Lukashenko re elected.

Earlier, the Belarusian Armed Forces announced large-scale military drills near the country’s nuclear plant and in the Grodno region bordering Poland and Lithuania. The drills will take place on August 17-20 and involve rocket and artillery units, air-defense forces and airborne troops.

Meanwhile, mechanized and battle tank brigades also hold live-fire exercises. The military added that forces will train to strengthen the country’s western border as part of the drills. The military exercises served as a visual and powerful confirmation to earlier remarks by the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko about his readiness to defend Belarus from the ‘foreign interference.

Earlier today president Lukashenko addressed his supporters in a large rally organised by his supporters promising to keep the country safe from foreign ambitions.

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