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Supporting Small Businesses.

Small businesses that have the courage to open right now, we salute you!!

For all of you choosing to put your money in the hands of the large corporations which are owned by all the filthy rich at the top, consider what you’re giving your energy to.
The small amount of money they receive from you means absolutely nothing.

Whereas when you support smaller businesses or family businesses, you’re keeping dreams alive and tummy’s full.
Who gave ‘them’ the authority to deem whether another man or woman is essential or comparable to their bigger business.

Smaller businesses were swallowed up in the first wave, the plan is to clear out those still hanging on through the second wave.
The government (a corporation) has NO JURSIDICTION over you or your business, corporations can’t deal with living breathing people, they can only deal with other corporations via contractual agreements.

Please think about what you are doing and what your money is funding.

Please learn your rights, it could save your business and your freedom.

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