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To speak truth, we seek truth.

Social conditioning or brainwashing is how we have got to this place.

We have stopped thinking for ourselves and have sadly entered a world where we live with a herd minded mentality.

To the rest of the herd a different narrative will sound utterly crazy.

When you go against the mainstream narrative and ask others to follow you, you’re actually requesting that they change every single truth they have ever known, which is a scary process and it’s easier to argue back and regurgitate what’s been programmed into your mind than to think critically and change your entire perspective.

We are all unique beings with our own unique take on things, we have become carbon copies of each other, liking the same things, wearing the same clothes, doing the same things.

If you take a step back and don’t take all you hear at face value, look a little deeper and you’ll begin to notice the cracks, through which you will notice more plausible truth shine through.

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