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Scotland Moved 12 Trans Sexual Offenders To Women’s Prisons In Last 18 Months.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that a dozen transgender inmates have been sent to women’s prisons after being convicted of violent and sexual crimes.

Of the twelve prisoners, only one had undergone a surgical transition, while the rest merely ‘identified’ as female.

The current law in Scotland allows inmates to demand a transfer based on self-identification, without a need for any physical transition or even a gender recognition certificate.

The practice of housing prisoners based on self-identification could be coming to an end, however, courtesy of a long-awaited review into Scotland’s transgender prison policy.

Opponents of the current approach say it is unlawful and traumatizing for female prisoners, many of whom have already suffered abuse and violence at the hands of men. Campaigners are now urging prison bosses to take this into account when deciding on policies going forward.

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