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School Shooting Propaganda

This is currently doing the rounds after the mass shooting that occurred in the Thai city of Nakhon Ratchasima. And it’s by no means a coincidence.

Gun violence and gun related crime is high on the agenda in most of the mainstream media news rooms. For the sake of generating fear and hoping that the public will submit to their will over gun control.

The statistics for gun related crimes especially in terms of school mass shootings are completely bogus.
The statistics include gun crimes that didn’t even happen inside the school but were related to a person who attended the school.

The image below is seriously suggesting this would be helpful?!?

Firstly, school shootings are not as common as the media will have you believe and secondly the enforcement of a police state is becoming insane.

In many schools in America children are expected to go through metal detectors and have their bags thoroughly searched as if they are guilty criminals.

How is this freedom?

And these are children, they don’t need to see a fully armed veteran at their school gates every day.
This is just instilling fears extremely early on in life and is another tool to keep the masses compliant and living in fear!

We DO NOT need to be this afraid of each other, it’s the criminals who never get charged, the ones creating new laws for us to abide by that we need to be aware of!

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