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Pedophilia – The Silenced Pandemic

In a world where the majority of the leaders lie, steal, abuse their power, and are responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents for their own selfish gains, it isn’t much of a stretch to see that this is all permeated by a disturbing undercurrent of the most horrific crimes imaginable – the sickening plague of pedophilia. And the worst part of it all? The process that has enabled this debauchery to become so rife and infiltrate its way throughout civilization worldwide, is that it is deemed a taboo subject in mainstream society – even the word “pedophilia” is something most people choke over.

Of course there are many people across the world that are speaking out, having in-depth conversations, and fighting to change this horrific epidemic. However, there are also many people and societies who would encourage sweeping this matter under the carpet. These are the people who often know of someone who has suffered childhood sexual abuse, but would rather not know – or they don’t believe they know of anyone so it doesn’t affect them personally and therefore doesn’t really matter to them. This isn’t even beginning to raise the issue of those involved, who go to extreme lengths to protect themselves and their indescribable undertakings.

The fact is that childhood sexual abuse affects brain development, which changes the brain anatomy and functioning, which can lead to lifelong struggles with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The victims who survive such torture are often unable to express themselves fully, due to the trauma they have suffered. This vicious cycle isn’t an accident – it’s part of a well-thought out plan to control and oppress the masses, while the ones in power use these victims as a means of financing themselves, and furthering their criminal empires. So the victims are silenced, and the topic is closed – not only by those who are responsible, but also by those who could help the victims, and the victims to come.

So how exactly are we meant to put an end to something that gets shutdown from all angles? Pointing fingers certainly leads to a backlash of censorship, threats, or fulfillment of said threats. With enough research, many cases can be found which give clear examples of people exposing the truth about pedophilia on a global scale, and suffering the deadly consequences for it. On a smaller scale, individuals can easily become shadow banned online for speaking about pedophilia if they make any direct accusations to those in power, and those looking for funding to change what is happening may find that this isn’t always easy to come by. However, there are now a growing number of independent people often calling themselves “hunters”, who film themselves setting up pedophiles online, and then meeting them under the guise of being underage children. The information and proof gathered then gets passed on to the authorities. The only problem is, the roots of pedophilia run so deep that many law enforcers are also involved in the atrocities; therefore it’s not unreasonable to say that justice is not always served.

When these crimes are being committed at the highest levels by the leading global powers, and filtering down throughout society – from the mass trafficking of millions of children, to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children by those entrusted with their care – it’s safe to say we have a grotesque problem within humanity at large. This isn’t an abstract issue that only applies in certain places, to certain people – it is widespread, and the damage caused to the victims and families is life long. The response to this pandemic doesn’t come anywhere close to the extent of which it has progressed. This clearly reflects the sinister influences present that have, for the majority, gone undetected in their pursuit to take ownership of this world.

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