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Melbourne is under the MOST draconian lockdown yet seen.

The braindead creeps are coming for you.. They appear to have no souls, they have no empathy or compassion for their fellow humans, they only follow orders without questioning. Those robots are coming to take away your god given freedom & liberties… Now in Melbourne, Australia’s second biggest largest city, it’s Illegal to excercise outside your home

🐷$ 5000 fine for leaving 5km radius
🐷$20000 fine for falsifying documents
(where you live, occupation etc)

🐷Police is allowed to enter your home at any moment without warning

🐷Victoria Police has issued a warning to those planning a protest against the Victorian lockdown and curfew in Melbourne on Sunday.

“It won’t be tolerated.”

But if they cared so much about people’s lives due to the plandemic then why didn’t they issue that same warning to the BLM protests?

Melbourne is under the MOST draconian lockdown yet seen. Over the death of 2 x 90 yr olds & 5 others aged 70 plus who had many health issues, ….. or so they claim. Where will this end? How many more must die in this inhumane lockdown due to lack of treatments, depression, domestic violence and alcohol related incidents before the sheep will realise what’s going on!

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