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Mainstream media lies about the war on Syria (Part 1)

This is an extended version of the original documentary.

This documentary from 2015 analyses the role played by the Mainstream media in comparison to Middle Eastern news outlets.

It shows the depths of depravity the West are happy to reach in order to manipulate the truth and therefore deliver a particular narrative in regards to the Syrian President Assad.

Ensuring that the general public back their reasoning to continue funding and supporting the proxy war.

Evidence is provided to show how the media distorts the truth, from ‘journalists’ claiming to be previously employed by Middle Eastern media outlets who are reporting only fact based articles about the war.

These reporters have then supposedly jumped ship to become an ‘honest reporter’ in the West, slandering those who do report without bias and supporting the propaganda machine that pushes for the destruction of the Syrian government.

This shows that the media war is just as effective and dangerous as the war on the ground in Syria.

The norms are dictated to society through the use of the media, the manipulation of thought is very real and very powerful and is working too well. This is how they do it. This is how they keep the majority of the public supporting their proxy wars and harmful ideas.

This version contains footage from a film crew funded by NATO member Norway creating propaganda so they can falsely claim that the Syrian Government are harming their own people.

There’s also false claims used by the BBC that Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people, this piece in particular was used more than once and doctored in order to change what was originally said. This piece was spin utilised to get the go ahead to attack Syria.

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