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Mainstream media have been caught lying again (COVID-19)

The mainstream media have been caught lying again in regards to the Covid-19. The sky-high death reate from the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy could be a result of an ordniary flu.

According to a report by the Italian Ministry of Health, the 2019-2020 flu season, which was marked by unusually warm weather, led to the deaths of fewer older Italians than average.

In Italy’s northern cities that have borne the most part of Italy’s more than 12,000 deaths, overall mortality among people age 65 and over was 6% below a baseline from previous years. In central and southern Italy, the deaths were 3% below normal.

Thus, elderly people and those with chronic diseases who were spared death by the flu and mild weather from November through January became an outsize target for the COVID-19 outbreak in February and March.

The report analyzed data from 19 Italian cities.

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