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Long Covid vs. Post Vaccination Syndrome

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is estimating that at least 1.3 million people currently residing in the UK are suffering from what’s being referred to as ‘Long Covid’.

Patients can potentially have Long Covid symptoms ‘lasting more than four weeks after an initial infection’. Symptoms can remain for up to twelve weeks, symptoms being; fatigue, loss of sensory ability (sight, smell, hearing, taste), breathlessness and difficulty concentrating (brain fog), hallucinations, insomnia, memory loss, change to menstrual cycles and also change in skin conditions, Gastro-Intestinal and also bladder problems and speech and language issues.

In the most severe cases some have been left with disabilities and have found themselves limited when it comes to basic mundane tasks such as washing, not to mention that some patients have experienced an inability to recall words and struggle with their short term memory.

Some people who are claiming they currently have Long Covid continue suffering with long term problems even after recovering from the original infection, even if they were not terribly sick in the first instance.

There is currently no universally agreed definition or guidelines for this as the sickness remains rather vague and largely undetermined.

University College London (UCL) has claimed that they have been able to identify at least 200 symptoms affecting ten organ systems.

When asked what it was that was causing Long Covid, ONS Research claimed that the virus is damaging patients at a cellular level. A second theory is that dormant particles of the virus become activated, as this can be similar among other viruses.

There are currently no tests available to confirm the presence of Long Covid and a ‘diagnosis of exclusion’ is carried out by a Doctor to determine infection and this is currently the only method available.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Dr. Robert Malone discussed the correlation between ‘Long Covid’ and Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS), in terms of the spectrum of the syndrome the two things are in fact completely indistinguishable.

Dr. Robert Malone.

It would seem rather convenient that we have this new strain or variant, whatever it will be classed as, and the symptoms are like for like, carbon copies of what people are finding in terms of Post Vaccination Syndrome.

One example would be the mysterious ‘brain fog’ people are claiming to have experience of during Long Covid as well as PVS, basic understanding of spike proteins can help shed light on this (see ED.TV article; https://edtvproductions.com/understanding-the-so-called-science/ ).

Spike Proteins can cause cells to enter your brain that should not breach the blood brain barrier yet spike proteins allow this to occur triggering brain inflammation resulting in ‘brain fog’ and depending on the severity it can cause dangerous injuries.

Dr. Malone himself, has just been removed from Twitter as Twitter claims his ‘misinformation’ is dangerous to human life. But this mans experiences suggests that he is a credible and unbiased fountain of information with human health at the forefront of his convictions.

Thompson Reuters are the fact checkers of choice for the likes of Twitter and Facebook, it’s important to note that Thompson Reuters share common corporate ownership with none other than Pfizer.

Dr. Robert Malone has been involved in every major outbreak since AIDS during the 1980’s, he refers to himself as a deep insider, with many friends working within Intelligence and at the opposite end of the spectrum he has had to deal with Anthony Fauci throughout his entire career. At no point through the pandemic has he told anyone what to do from a medical perspective, he has however provided substantial information in order for individuals to critically think and make decisions for their own health. Considering the fact that he was a co-creator of the mRNA technology, his viewpoint on the subject would be worthwhile, especially considering why Thompson Reuters may want to shut him down publicly as they have stakes in the product he is releasing information on.

Malones video was removed by YouTube and he can not be found on prominent social media, but for full disclosure on mRNA vaccines, vaccine injury among other Covid related misinformation he is a good voice to hear if you seek clarity.

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