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Lockdowns in New Zealand are being enforced with minimal cases and hardly any deaths.

So the official story is that New Zealand has had 4 new cases from 1 family based in south Auckland, Then their corrupt prime minister Jacinda Arden, pictured below with the Gates, decides to re-enforce their draconian lockdowns.

In a recent interview, NZ deputy prime minister Winston Peters stated that the information about the infected family came from a journalist, however refused to explain further.

So to put it clearly, lockdowns are now being enforced again with MINIMAL CASES & HARDLY ANY DEATHS, due to secondhand information from an unidentified journalist .

Keep in mind that Bill & Melinda Gates have had a few close meetings with Jacinda Adern one dating back to only a month ago (when NZ was calming to have zero covid cases) A month later NZ announces new cases then the lockdown game and fear mongering resumes causing full scale panic

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