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Keir Starmer – New Labour Leader

In 2009 Jimmy Saville, close friend of the Windsor family, especially Prince Charles, was arrested for the abuse of children under the care of the NHS.

Only four of his many cases were referred to Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service.
All cases were dropped due to there not being a sufficient amount of evidence.

The New Labour leader Keir Starmer has said that teachers and health workers should be prosecuted for not reporting suspected cases of child abuse in a ploy to help victims find justice and to stop cases slipping through the net.

This is all well and good and exactly what should be happening, it’s just disgusting that this comes from the man who was at the head of Britain’s Crown Prosecution Services at the time that Saville evaded justice for his monstrous crimes.

After his death it came to light that there were hundreds of children abused by Saville, and it was the new Labour leader that had a hand in making sure he didn’t have to pay for any of his crimes.

We have lost an amazing man as Labour leader, in the form of Jeremy Corbyn and he has been replaced by one of the Queens QC’s, a potential pedophile sympathiser?

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