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Johnson & Johnson Added to U.K Vaccine Arsenal.

The U.K’s Medicine & HealthCare Products Regulatory Agency have given the green light for the single dose Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

This vaccine along with the AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are the current vaccines of choice made available in the U.K by the government.

MP Nadhim Zahawi has announced publically;

‘The Jansen vaccine will be another weapon in our arsenal to beat this pandemic’

It is uncertain which bracket this particular drug will be administered to, but the roll out has been halted in the EU, America and also in South Africa, due to the adverse effects that have been reported already.

The FDA, EMA and the World Health Organisation have all given their approval for this vaccine regardless of the fact there have been many reports of blood clotting as well as deaths from patients.

With the government turning their attention to the younger age bracket, it is so important that we all make sure we know exactly what we are allowing our children to be in receipt of.

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