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It’s time that we knew about COMMON LAW!

The ‘government’ is a company and their ‘acts and statutes’ are given the force of “law” by the consent of the governed. All that is needed is to ask for material proof that consent has been given, the lack of which makes all acts and statues void! If no one is consenting to be governed it means that NO government exists! Leaving only companies, thus ‘acts and statutes’ are the companies own rules, it is THEIR law, not OURS.

The Companies Act of 2006; section 44 – “for a document to be executed there must be a signature’. Where is the material proof of our consent?

The Magna Carter (see images) was a contract created in 1215 signed by the king who was under duress when he signed it. It was the first time the power of the crown was controlled, it put limitations on the government and expressed that only those who CONSENT could be governed. We the people did not sign it! These facts prove ‘government’ are guilty of fraud by misrepresentation, claiming to be government without our consent. They commit malfeasance (wrong-doing by a public official) in office, and usage of wilful belligerent acts of terrorism upon the people.

No one has authority over anyone in anyway unless there is a contract. Not consenting is your right, it stops them acting under the presumption of consent. Their presumptions have no basis on facts yet that’s what they tend to do.

Challenge anyone’s presumptions with facts and you have the upper hand, no matter what they claim their status is, only unless there is a contract of something specifically and there is proof you consented to it, only then do they claim the upper hand.

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