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Israel’s loyal dogs in Syria.

A while back, it became common knowledge that Israeli hospitals have treated wounded Syrian terrorists from a number of factions including Al Nusra and the FSA, but Wall Street Journal reports have uncovered direct support in cash.
Without this particular support, terrorists have suggested that they ‘wouldn’t have survived’ this long.

Israel has been secretly providing aid to Syrian terrorists in the Golan Heights for years with the goal of maintaining a buffer zone of friendly forces to keep Syrian governments forces aligned with Iran at bay, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, the support has been substantial and direct, including cash funds, food, fuel and medical supplies, with several terrorist groups in the area being very reliant on Israeli aid. 
The Wall Street Journal based its findings on information provided by “a large number of so called rebels in the area & Syrian opposition groups’.

Many reports suggested that Israel’s secret dealings with the Wahabi terrorists began as early as 2013 under former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and that they are still on-going to this day, with the goal of keeping pro-Iranian resistance groups, like Hezbollah, far away from the border.

These sources told the Wall Street Journal that a special unit was created in the Israeli army to supervise the aid operation with a specific budget to invest in the effort. 
FSA Terrorists in Syria admitted to The Wall Street journal , they had been in receipt of approximately $15,000 a month in funds while also receiving support from other Western nations.

“Israel stood by our side in a heroic way,” the group’s spokesman, Moatasem al-Golani said to the Wall Street Journal. “We wouldn’t have survived without Israel’s assistance.”
Al-Golani stated that cooperation began when wounded fighters from amongst the group’s ranks managed to reach the Israeli border where they begged for help from Israeli soldiers who spoke Arabic.

The wounded were taken for medical care in Israel, opening up the secret channel.
The Wall Street Journal said the Israeli army wouldn’t comment on the terrorists claims, but said Israel is “committed to securing the borders of Israel and preventing the establishment of terror cells & hostile forces…

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