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Is China Starting Another Giant Purge Of Citizens?

Published: 12.5.2022 14:04

A phased lockdown in Shanghai began March 28, but by April 5 26 million were under the biggest citywide restrictions since the pandemic began. These lockdowns forced people to stay home and didnt allow them to replenish food or to get medication from the pharmacy.
This affected hundreds of thousands of elderly in the city, which experts estimate account for nearly 1/3 of the Shanghai population.
Despite the strain on the city’s logistics and delivery system that impacted food shortages, a video released on social media shows large quantities of fruits and veg delivered to a warehouse where they were opened and shoveled directly into garbage bins.

One online list of people who have died because of the restrictions was deleted by the Chinese Communist Party-backed censors. Radio Free Asia reports that although a user saved it to a blockchain-based site, the URL was blocked. The site claimed more than 152 deaths were directly linked to the zero COVID restrictions and that these were “incomplete numbers.”

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