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Warning ⚠️: This post has been circulating social media for sometime now .. It’s important that we highlight the danger of spreading false information. We do not endorse this post, as there aren’t enough facts gathered to back this theory, however we cannot totally discredit it as anything is possible in today’s corrupt political climate.


STEP 1 – Suppress people’s already weakened immune systems by rolling out 5G wireless technology (which is used as a weapon in the military). Don’t test it for safety, people will trust you if you say it’s safe. Just tell them you can download porn really fast with it.

STEP 2 – Declare that there is a new virus in an area of the world where 5G is already rolled out. If there is high pollution in the area, even better. Wuhan, China as a totally random example. Do it in winter when people’s immune systems are already suppressed.

STEP 3 – Start testing people for infection with an inaccurate test which no one even knows the accuracy of. Make sure it gives lots of false negatives and false positives for maximum uncertainty. Most people will just take the numbers of infected you present as fact.

STEP 4 – Focus on mainly testing people who are really sick. Use the excuse of test shortages and cost (legitimate excuses) for why most healthy people aren’t being tested. That way it will look like the case fatality rate is much higher than reality. But just to help make it look real, 5G will help increase the real case fatality rate.

STEP 5 – Make sure the media goes all in on over hyping and fear mongering. Get most of the sellout alternative media on board too and make them hype it up even more. Focus on areas of the world with lots of old people and active 5G, like Northern Italy… And cruise ships. Convince people that where they live will end up just as bad and worse. Make people so paranoid that they overwhelm hospitals by coming in with the first sign of the sniffles. This zombie rush of paranoid idiots will make it appear that entire countries are getting sicker when mostly they are just getting increasingly paranoid. As a bonus, some people will become susceptible to sickness just by remaining in non-stop sleep deprived active adrenal paranoia. Even many practicing doctors and nurses may be fooled by the zombie onslaught, especially those in 5G areas.

STEP 6 – After weeks of testing very few people, start testing far more people at an exponential rate. This will create the illusion that the outbreak is now spreading rapidly, when really tons of people would have likely tested positive back before anyone even knew there was a virus. If you time it right, it will look like a growing serious threat rather than an always present nothing-burger. For added effect, report that a (coincidentally disproportionate) number of politicians and famous people are infected. This is when the masses start to grow increasingly concerned rather than just a tiny minority

STEP 7 – Start counting people who die of the flu or other similar illnesses as dying of the pandemic virus to inflate the numbers. Symptoms are similar, so this isn’t a stretch. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from the flu, so this can make your fake pandemic look much more real by inflating your numbers.

STEP 8 – Wait until the perception of the pandemic is scary enough that people are demanding to be mass quarantined and think it’s a fantastic idea and the only solution. Then start a slow motion quarantine rollout. Get the people to lead you to quarantine them instead of forcing it on them, to avoid resistance. Make it look like it wasn’t your plan all along, but rather the only reasonable course of action.

STEP 9 (OPTION 1) – Keep things locked down until warmer sunnier weather decreases incidence of what is otherwise mostly normal symptoms of colds and flus (plus some 5G immune suppression). Declare that the quarantines were effective, and that without them, tens of millions would have died. Yay for big government! Yay for tyranny!

STEP 9 (OPTION 2) – Keep society under permanent medical martial law. With numbers never going up but not disappearing fully either. Perfect excuse for permanent tyranny. Especially in the midst of economic coapse which you will have created by now with the fearmongering and quarantines. Travel will remain heavily controlled as long as you want. People will accept the tyranny because they are terrified of the outbreak getting out of control.

STEP 10 – Eventually present a vaccine which most people take unquestioningly. After all the fear mongering and the quarantines, people will be completely paranoid and no longer thinking rationally (assuming they ever did at one time). This vaccine will mess with their immune system just like flu vaccines do. Ideally, add this to the yearly set of vaccinations. Get people to line up willingly to shorten their lifespans and make them more susceptible to a real pandemic. Don’t worry, most people will not require evidence of efficacy nor safety. They still trust the government and media despite absolutely no reason to do so.

Congratulations! You now have the tools to make your own fake pandemic.
And whilst we’re all quarantined off this is when there erecting and switching on these cell phone towers. Radiating us to death quietly and the masses will think it’s the conravuirse.


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