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If you want to see our future .. pay close attention to the development in HK.. The Chinese regime is bringing their oppressive culture to the entire world, using the help of known psychopaths such as Bill Gates and the Ethiopian terrorist of the WHO Tedros … They are now implementing full draconian governing system in HK.

Using the Covid19 hoax .. they have banned all kinds of protests and gatherings under the false pretext of social distancing and made up infection rates, to prevent the people of HK from protesting against the tyrannical Chinese regime.

Once they succeed in doing so, governments around the world will adopt the same oppressive system under the same false pretext. The only way to stop this from happening, is by us the people standing together, refuse to obey, if we all said no, they will have no choice but to give up, however if we continued down the path we are currently going, if we continue to comply, soon our whole world, will turn into one big Chinese communist nightmare.

It’s not too late to say “NO” to Protect our freedom & liberty.

❌Say no to masks

❌Say no to social distancing

❌Say no to Covid19 vaccines

❌Say no to lockdowns

❌Say no to the New Normal

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