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First human to test out the CoronaVirus vaccine

So the first lab rat has presented themselves to be the first to test out the CoronaVirus vaccine.

The wording used to describe her feelings for being able to do this is interesting, the lady describes herself as being ‘privileged’ to do this.

This lady is very suspicious for a number of reasons, firstly her personal Facebook profile picture shows her stood alongside Elizabeth Warren who is a United States Senator, which surely is no coincidence.
Also this lady is far too excited to be doing what she is doing, laughing off any risks or implications testing out a vaccine may incur.
It’s as if she has had a call back for the X-Factor or something similar.

Is all of this a ploy to normalise receiving the vaccine, to make people feel like they’re award winning citizens for being willing to submit to exactly what their government wants them to.

We also can’t forget the source, MSNBC News, a known propaganda machine who’s rhetoric is always the same as the elites agenda.
The whole interview is just far too suspicious, please share your thoughts.

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