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At another epic Trump Rally in Opa-Locka, FL, the crowd were cheering Trump on as he slated the American media for their fear mongering over COVID, to which the crowd responded with shouts of:


To which Trump expressed he would wait for after the election.
As it stands Trump doesn’t have the powers to terminate Faucis contract as he would need to order his political appointees to remove the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, but in this instance Fauci could appeal and this would no doubt be disputed and would become a long old process. Trump does however have the authority to remove him from the COVID task force.

Fauci has been a laughing stock through out the Corona hoax. He’s been found on both sides of the argument many times, the mask argument to name one.
He was found to claim that masks were useless, only to claim months later that they were vital in combatting the fake virus.

Now it would seem that Fauci is openly endorsing Biden, only days before the election comes to its climax.
Fauci’s argument is that Biden has been using a mature approach and has been taking the hoax ‘seriously’ from a public health perspective whilst in the same breath has been speaking out about Dr. Atlas in very derogatory terms, a PROFFESSIONAL Doctor who knows what he’s talking about in terms of human health.

Fauci himself has been involved in some terrible situations and hasn’t exactly made a wonderful name for himself in politics.
He has been around for decades and nothing amazing has happened on his watch.

Not only are COVID nay sayers responding negatively to him, but similar happened three decades ago when people were protesting against him and his involvement with patents and stolen research to do with the AIDS virus, holding up placards exclaiming:

“Fauci you are killing us!”

History is basically repeating itself, and why wouldn’t it when he has been in the role of Presidential Advisor through six Presidents and an AIDS epidemic.

An open letter to Fauci , published May 31st 1988

Fauci is clearly on the Gates payroll and Gates will be fuming that Trump has pulled funding from his evil endeavour the W.H.O which pushes the COVID/Vaccine agenda, so both men need Biden in order for their agenda to keep rolling out.
For Fauci to speak out and to endorse Biden days prior to the election, after being a senior member of Trumps COVID task force sums up his fickleness and where his moral compass is taking him.


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