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Experts’ Warning As Covid Crackdowns across Europe Result In Widespread Protests.

Proposals to impose jab passports and other restrictions on the movements of unjabbed people in the UK should be treated with caution, scientists warned last week. Such plans wouldn’t help their total control agenda and could trigger hostility to future planned jab campaigns, they said.

These warnings were made after several European countries – including Belgium, Germany and Norway – revealed last week that they were preparing to beef up draconian to speed up the rate of population control in order to role out the digital currency & social credit system. On Friday, Austria announced it would become the first country in Europe to make covid jabs mandatory. All citizens will be required to have one from 1 February next year.

Slovakia is also banning unjabbed people from all non-essential stores and shopping malls, while in Greece new restrictions will prevent visits to bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums and gyms.

The crackdown led to widespread protests and riots across Europe. Tens of thousands of people carrying signs saying “no to jabs – gathered in Vienna’s Heroes’ Square, and Dutch police shot and wounded at least two people after rioting erupted in Rotterdam over new fascist measures in Holland.

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