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“Europol will be allowed to collect and share data left, right and centre, without much restriction or control,” said Chloé Berthélémy, policy rights advisor at European Digital Rights (EDRi), a network of civil and human rights organisations in Europe.

Published: 26.5.2022 22:38

The proposed regulation introduces measures to protect the privacy of individuals, including the appointment of a fundamental rights officer at Europol and independent oversight by the EDPS.
But the move has been criticised by civil society groups, and some MEPs, which claim that it amounts to a “massive, unchecked expansion” of Europol’s powers and could represent a first step on the road to creating a European version of GCHQ or the US National Security Agency.
Europe’s GDPR was implemented May ’18 to protect citizens from Big Tech, but Europol can do whatever it wants to vacuum up data from all sources, build AI programs to analyze it and then drive the results into a massive pre-crime system to catch evil-doers before they commit crimes.

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