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EU Commissioner, Thierry Breton, warns Elon “There are rules”, and he must follow them and listen to the EU about moderating content online. This is EXTREMELY telling.

Published: 2.5.2022 19:42

What business does the EU have telling a private citizen of a non-European country, what he can and cannot do with his privately owned company. If they want to ban Twitter from individual countries they have that power, but Elon doesn’t have to do anything. Its likely hes not concerned about the 6% fine for not listening to EU rules.

But why is this so significant? It proves the FEAR of free speech introduced to Twitter, from GLOBAL AND FOREIGN oligarchs and establishment. As now, someone they do not control, now controls what their sheep will be exposed to on the internet. Which they can’t have happen if they want to remain in power. Mass awakening ends their reign.

This also proves that the ongoing attack on conservatism and free speech is GLOBAL. And the control over US elections and public relations is part a GLOBAL agenda.

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