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Cuba has an antiviral treatment for CoronaVirus

Cuban doctors have been targeted and slandered by the likes of the U.S as far back as the Bush administration and they have been wrongly accused of being linked to human trafficking. But now it’s Cuba that everybody needs.

Cuba has an antiviral treatment for Corona Virus and have the capability to export it further afield.
The name of the drug is ‘Interferon Alpha 2B’ but is is not a vaccine, it is an antiviral drug that has the ability to replace defences.

‘Interferon is a therapeutic drug, not a vaccine’
Eduardo Martínez President of the state industrial group BioCubaFarma.

He made this statement after several social media platforms were falsely reporting that a cure had been developed.
So far there have been thirty products put forward to combat CoronaVirus and according to the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association;

‘Interferon is the best recommendation for antiviral action’

There are now fifteen other countries interested in treating patients with this.

‘We have an Interferon inventory of finished product for cases that may occur in Cuba over a horizon of three to six months. And in process, we have equivalent inventory to treat all the infected that occurred in China’
Eduardo Martínez.

In the past during the breakout of SARS as well as other strains of CoronaVirus, interferons were used for treatment as well as prevention.

Interferons are actually molecules that the human body naturally produces when it’s confronted with a viral type attack.

CoronaVirus in particular decreases the bodies ability to produce Interferons, and this limits the bodies ability to fight the virus.

The drug itself is given in injectable form and in China it has been administrated through the use of a nebuliser.
The drug can be used to prevent and to treat those already suffering.

Interferon has even been produced in China since 2003 by ChangHeber which is a Cuban-Chinese joint venture.
Interferon Alpha 2B has a history of being very effective with viruses and was originally developed in order to treat the outbreak of Dengue Virus in 1981 and this helped to sky rocket the development of the now world leading biotech company.

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