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COVID-19 Why are we on lockdown?

To date, COVID-19 deaths in the world are far fewer than deaths in ordinary flu seasons or from past pandemics such as the H1N1 virus. This understanding is critically important to put the virus, and the government response to it, in perspective.

Even during past pandemics, depressions, and world wars, people around the world went to work.

Depression rate is on the rise with records of tens of people under the age of 30 already committing suicide due to the lockdown and media fear tactics.

Governments claim to be protecting the elderly from the disease while many with disabilities are trapped in their homes with medical shortage.
This will only get worse as the governments seem to be testing our limits and how much more oppression they can get away with.

Are we really going to let them take over our lives and the lives of our loved ones over the false pretext of this virus that is officially less fatal than the flu?

Mainstream media outlets have already been found faking images in regards to this virus to create fear and confusion amongst us so we don’t question this lockdown.
Many images used showing graves and crowded hospitals turned out to be fake and in-fact old images going back as early as 2013.

So the real question is , why are we on lockdown and what kinds of sinister things are they really doing but don’t want us seeing?

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