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Coronavirus – widespread fear is the desired outcome

The CoronaVirus up until recent times was recognised as a ‘common cold’ but the media are having a field day with this in order to ignite fear amongst the masses.

The propaganda is literally insane and widespread fear is the desired outcome. They are attempting biological warfare by weaponising something we don’t truly need to be afraid of.

When a problem such as this is created be sure that it has taken years of careful planning.
People are reacting and looking to their government for a solution….this is where the likes of Bill Gates are able to usher in vaccines either filled with Smart Dust or just general poisons, which go hand in hand with 5G military grade technology and depopulation. All in time for our Smart Cities, the internet of things, handing all our power over to the elite, doing away with anything in the way of privacy and sovereignty of self.

We are seeing the NWO – Police State being gradually ushered in as this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

The UN and FEMA are huge players in this game.

Let’s not forget as well that a potential financial reset could be on the cards. Money is now apparently ‘contaminated’ with the virus, economies could potentially crash as we enter into a potential recession. All planned!!!
But why, because a cashless society is one we are being pushed into.

Slavery without the bars!


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