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Constructive Chaos (COVID-19)

Constructive chaos is nothing new to the ruling class, they have been using this strategy for many years to destabilise regions in order to topple governments and steal their wealth and resources, only now this is being executed on a much bigger global scale. Putting people on edge, causing them fear will bring panic. Fear is contagious and they are capitalising on people’s fears.

Once panic is the prevailing attitude of society at large, that’s when the sheep will begin to seek safety at any stake. Seeking safety under these conditions allows for tyranny by the ruling class, and when the rules and restrictions are firmly put in place, there will be absolutely no escape from the mass slavery that awaits.

These stages are being put in place to cause fear and panic will only result in loss of freedom, and when freedom is compromised, the remaining option is slavery.

So far there is no indication that this new coronavirus COVID-19 is any more dangerous than any other virus in the past, but the ruling class and their goons in the mainstream media, are doing everything in their power to convince people that this is the plague of mankind, and that tens of millions of people will become infected, stressing that millions might die.
This is being ramped up by governments at every level, by those known to be corrupt and failed institutions, such as the so called World Health Organisation, & by the persistent mainstream media that will only do as they are told by their governments and sponsors.

Many scientists suggested that this particular strain of the virus was created in a bio-weapons lab, however those voices were never given the platform to speak by the media.

Panic and fear will only lead to the acceptance of authoritative rule. This is the real danger, if us the people allow the takeover of our lives due to this unnecessary panic, then this will mark the real loss of our freedom and liberty and will destroy all aspects of our lives as we know it.

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