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Communist take over

Communism is a Satanic movement, it thrives on denouncing the basic principles of faith in God. As the movement believes power and wealth should be entirely with the ruling elite, the concept of religion would naturally challenge that and take away the exclusiveness of the power they seek.

When the plague of communism came to light in the world, it did so by slaughtering millions of Christians and Muslims … When the collapse of the Soviet Union took place in the early 90s, many communists figures simply rebranded themselves and stayed under the radar, climbing up the ladder of governments, religions, education, media and health, gradually infiltrating all aspects of our lives waiting for the moment to strike again.

Working actively under the shadows they have re-emerged with a much more sinister agenda for the entire humanity. As we witness today, the repeat of history with the global communist takeover under the false pretext of covid… they have begun to implement their sinister plans snatching away people’s liberties and freedoms. Those same twisted ideologies and principles are being sold to us under our current governments slogans “build back better” the great reset with their communist founder Schwab having agents in almost every government in the world.

Schwab was quoted saying that by 2030, “we will own nothing & be happy” as they intentionally demolish many privately owned businesses and livelihoods with their lockdowns to ensure a full reset of our financial system where we must rely on them to survive, with Russia and China playing a leading role in the takeover of our freedom.

If you wonder why most of the covid restrictions being implemented around the world make no logical sense, it’s because they aren’t about containing a virus, they never were and never will be, they are simply about control and conditioning to pave the way for their great communist take over and once again plague the world with their evil, and enslavement of humanity.

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