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I left England a year ago now, because I couldn’t stand to be around the ignorance and the herd mentality. All of my friends and family thought that I was insane and I was becoming completely isolated, left questioning my own sanity and stuck with a decision of whether to do or die.

I could stay comfortably in the simple lifestyle not really doing much about how sad I felt about the state of the world because it was easier or I could turn my existence over to trying my best to change the future for the voiceless and innocent who were unable to do anything to change things for the better. Whether or not it was a small difference for one person, I didn’t care because I couldn’t live with doing nothing.

The closest people in my ‘normal’ life were either young children or elderly people. Try as I might, the older generation of my family couldn’t understand anything I was trying to tell them, having lived for over eighty years within the same system never questioning anything at all, it was like trying to teach them six brand new languages simultaneously. I felt so defeated and heart broken for them, but I didn’t want to give up, but I could see that they were already so defeated by the world that they themselves had lost hope but they didn’t even realise why.

The children around me were inquisitive, thank God, but how do you prepare them for the truth they need to be armed with in order to walk through this world and survive unscathed and not sucked into the brainwashing that destroys the beauty and uniqueness within every single one of us.

I returned ‘home’ to England today for the first time since before the lockdown and I cant believe my eyes, let alone my heart. I am staying in London, after school has broken for the summer and it feels surreal, it’s like the world has stopped, no one is around, no children, no elderly, no one having fun, smiling, interacting vocally let alone physically.

Until last year I had lived in England my entire life and couldn’t wait to see the back of it. The only time I ever felt part of anything was during protests, which I would attend completely alone, just to be around like minded people who shared my concerns and my worries for the way that the world was heading.

I have spent much of the last twelve months travelling around Europe and some parts of the middle East and have never felt more alive and purposeful.

Myself and my chosen family have ventured through-out the lockdown to places that were not buying into the fake pandemic and who allowed the people to not have their lives defined by a virus.

I’ve eaten out, trained in gyms, met new people and have laughed a lot. Today was one of the first times I remember crying in sadness for quite some time, and I feel very lucky about that. But honestly…coming home, it hurt like hell, to see what the will of a few vile men has done to an entire nation, it is just unfathomable and I am devastated. I’m not angry at the people anymore, I am heartbroken for them. They are victims and they are completely unaware that they are.

Coronavirus  has defined and dominated this year entirely and only God knows how the future will play out now, in terms of what our ‘new normal’ is.

The mistake many make, is that they believe the future is in the hands of the government, but the truth is, the government only have as much power as we allow them to have. As it stands, we have given them the reigns as well as a whip to make sure we adhere to their demands.

What we have forgotten is that we have self-directing freedom, and we also posses moral independence but both of those things are useless when we don’t truly have a clue what is going on.

Sadly for most of the public their perception of life has changed beyond recognition, they live in fear that they may die from a virus, they wear masks in public and are aware of how far away from another person they must stay, many people have been deemed ‘non essential’ by their government and losing their business is just a bi-product of being ‘non essential’. People trust complete strangers about their health and don’t have their own opinions over the best course of action in this current situation.

I don’t even know what I wish for this country right now. I’ve always wondered how war torn countries rebuild their cities after being demolished to the ground. Where do they start? What happens to all the mess? And that is how I feel about this mess.

We are in the midst of a war on the mind, a fight for the soul. How do we begin to fix this?

I’ve done my share of keyboard warrior fighting over the last few weeks almost as an experiment to see what we are dealing with here, what is the extent of the mind control the likes of Gates has over the population…the results are in and its shocking. I found myself arguing with people who definitely don’t have the capacity to critically think anymore, let alone understand basic common sense. For example, whilst in Germany we learnt that masks are only mandatory in some shops and on public transport, but everything is fully functioning as normal, apart from all of the ridiculous stickers reminding people of the virus and about spacial awareness everywhere and the odd sauna being closed here and there, but I found myself arguing with several members of staff inside a sports shop because I refused to wear a mask, a member of staff approached me not wearing a mask herself, so I also refused to put one on as I didn’t understand what made her different to me, her reasoning was ‘imagine wearing  a mask whilst working for eight hours, it would be impossible’, I tried relentlessly to make her understand that she wasn’t making any sense but it was as much use as banging my head against a brick wall, it was pointless, and it ended up with three members of staff on my case about my anti mask stance. I couldn’t believe it.

None of the reasoning behind wearing a mask makes any sense, the masks themselves come with a disclaimer that lets you know they are not equipped to protect you from Corona, they also can cause Hypercapnia which is caused by re-breathing your own Carbon Dioxide continuously as well as a long list of other side effects including dizziness, mild narcosis, increased heart rate and blood pressure, not to mention it’s uncomfortable. But what I find most upsetting is that people are no longer able to smile at one another or read facial expressions, people look at each other blankly now. But what is still recognisable is the frown you receive when you aren’t conforming to the rhetoric.

For however long people have been trapped within the confines of their own home, that time has been spent downloading the ‘new normal’. The new rules by which we must trust and must live, and should anyone disagree with that, they are categorically wrong and misinformed. Family members with different opinions are ‘risking themselves and others’ with such carelessness. But what happened to make the T.V anchor on the mainstream the be all and end all of information. Why can’t people consider other options any more?

I can tell you why and I hope you’re someone who will listen. People are afraid. The only window to the world has been through their T.V screens, for a long time. Everyone has been reminded daily that people are dying, that people are suffering. So much so that they shut the whole world down.

Statistics are waved in front of them consistently, all of which have been debunked now and governments have admitted that the numbers were blown out of proportion, but even with that being said, so many still are so invested in this ‘dangerous virus’.

But let us try to be rational for a moment and try to get a little perspective, there have been 624k deaths worldwide from Coronavirus as it stands. 15.3M confirmed cases and only that many deaths?? Come on?! However cancer, heart attacks and the usual diseases most are familiar with have magically vanished and death certificates state that COVID has been the cause of the majority of deaths. Even if someone has been killed in a car accident, if they happened to pass one of the fake COVID tests then their cause of death is determined as COVID.

On average, in a year 1.35 million people die from car accidents, now I understand the year isn’t over so you could say my findings are unfair but from what we now understand about pandemics, surely this high death count due to road accidents should mean that we take just as extreme measures to protect ourselves from loss of life in this manner too? It’s even more deadly infact, yet we haven’t had to invent a ‘new normal’ to combat this? Or Suicide rates, or missing children, and the list could go on, but you get what I’m trying to say here.

This virus does not warrant us living in prison like conditions, where families can’t attend funerals to pay respects to loved ones, where half a persons face must be hidden whilst they’re in public, where new babies are welcomed into the world through windows by family members. This is insane and I just don’t understand why people are not able to see how unnecessary all of these measures are.

So many things make it obvious, for example the inflation of statistics, the constant changing of rules. One day one thing works and the next it doesn’t. The virus can only thrive in certain places, conglomerate businesses funnily enough are immune to the virus, but family run business are a breeding ground for it. Shopping centres and public areas are rife with the virus at certain times of day also…weirdly!? Children are now made to play inside allotted personal spaces rather than with their friends. Isolation and distance is what we are now faced with.

I was so happy to hear from a real life Doctor who we probed, that the virus is definitely not what it’s being portrayed as by the media and these fake ass ‘health professionals’ who haven’t even had a sniff of medical training. The Doctor explained to us how masks do NOT work and are pointless, he also explained how a friend had contacted him after being tested positive for the virus in a panic and the Doctor categorically told him to not go to a hospital as he would be put on a ventilator and would die, his professional opinion was that his friend should treat the virus as he would the common cold, and sure enough after a few days of rest his friend recovered from the virus. Another friend had contacted the Doctor after a relative had passed due to a long term illness and had been told by the hospital that if they permitted the hospital to write that the cause of death was Corona, the body would be released instantly and the family could have the funeral and get some closure, however if they wished for the real cause of death to go on the certificate then they would have to perform an autopsy. What a horrible situation for the grieving family members to be faced with after losing their loved one.

This is not the first instance of this happening, people have spoken out online having gone through the same harrowing experience, only to have posts taken down or ‘fact checking’ banners claiming their post holds false information. Basically if it doesn’t support the narrative then it’s ‘false  news’.

The level of censorship that has become the norm throughout the ‘plandemic’ is further confirmation that silicon valley and their associates are clamping down on opinions that don’t mirror or support their rhetoric. This is true in terms of statistics as we have already mentioned, but another subject prone to censorship is the treatment of the virus. If Bill Gates had his own way every single person on the planet would be vaccinated in a heart beat, but there are better ways and genuinely more effective ways to treat Corona.

Trump has consistently been an advocate for the use of Hydroxychloroquine, typically used to treat Malaria. A French study was carried out on 36 patients who were all suffering from Corona and they all recovered within six days of the treatment.

Hydroxychloroquine is a medication that encourages the penetration of Zinc into the cellular wall and this manages to halt the reproduction of the virus at a cellular level. The drug needs to work alongside Zinc in order for it to be effective. During the study, the only time the medication was not effective was when the patient was elderly with pre-existing respiratory problems.

An anti-biotic called Z-PAK was used alongside two other drugs. The treatment was amazingly effective when used early on and was exceptionally cheap at $20 and the course lasts five days. The Doctor who uncovered the drug was Vladimir Zelenograd, he found this would be perfect to work on a global scale and would work fast seeing as the cost is significantly low. It has been decribed as a potent killer of the Coronavirus.

After having researched Hydroxychloroquine in the beginning of the lockdown the sad reality was that pharmacies would not sell to patients who could not provide a valid prescription proving they had tested positive for the virus.

In the UK the course would’ve only cost £9 and this medication is typically used to treat Malaria, Lupus and Arthritis and was very easy to obtain. At the time of looking into this the website I used to try and purchase the drug had changed its policy on 3/1/2020, just as COVID began spreading around the world. Very convenient seeing as the world was apparently crying out for a cure and billions had unnecessarily been ploughed into the creation of a vaccine.

The reality is stranger than fiction, because why would people want to do this to other human beings, create a spiderweb of fear all over the world that has long lasting ramifications on society as a whole and how it ‘normally’ functions, but if you look at the coincidences (‘a remarkable occurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection’) the alternative narrative to the one on the mainstream media does start to seem plausible, because it is, it is what is really happening, and the longer we accept ignorance as bliss and don’t question the rhetoric being drummed into us the less chance we will have to change things and put a stop to a worldwide blanket vaccine that comes from Bill Gates, a man who has openly announced that a vaccine would be the best route to depopulate the world;

“The world has 6.8 billion people that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines,

health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10-15%”

Everything is upside down, people who are supposed to be leaders in the health care industry are destroying health, Bill Gates has bought out enough departments and businesses in this particular industry, as well as ensuring he has enough subservient money grabbing government officials on his payroll, one example being Matt Hancock, the U.K’s Health Secretary who pushed for all the extreme measures and who also can’t wait to introduce the new vaccine. That is just one example, and there are many. If you have enough people in enough of the right places and with enough financial power, it’s possible to make the unthinkable happen. Bill Gates, is that man, and that is what he has managed to do.

Why would you trust a vaccine from a man who is keen on depopulating the world with a vaccine, but has never given his own children a single vaccination in their life, not to mention the devastation he caused in Kenya when he trialled his last vaccine.

It would make such a difference if people asked more questions, because blind faith in these self serving parasites is not going to end well.

The dots are there to be connected.

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