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Australian Wildfire- Something Does Not Add Up!

In 2019 ‘wildfires’ have damaged so much of Australia, the mainstream media narrative suggests that these fires are spread around the Australian land mass and that they are caused due to extreme weather, and strong winds contributing to the spread of the fire, which is a believable story until you study the facts.

What the MSM doesn’t show you is the Australian citizens being screened before they are interviewed live on air with their Prime Minister, because so many are refusing to shake his hand on screen as they blame him and his decisions for the country suffering as terribly as it is. So what’s the PM done to lose favour with so many of his people?

The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Firefighters refuse to shake hand of PM.

The truth is that geoengineers and arsonists are responsible for the crisis, with 24 individuals being arrested. But that is obviously not in alignment with the western hot topic of ‘Climate Change’, so that wont be publicised, naturally.

More than 17 million acres of land have been burnt so far since the fires began and Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology are claiming that December was the driest month on record.

30% of the Koala population have been killed, as well as thousands of other Australian wildlife, and this is a heavy focus for the MSM.

More than 2000 homes have been destroyed and lives have been catastrophically ruined, and will continue to be as this whole mess plays out. But people wont just be suffering from fires, but from the terrible decisions being made in government buildings in their honour that will shape their future.

Most of the firefighters that have attended the fires and assisted the public have been volunteers.

$12.9 million in expenses have been cut from the Fire and Rescue service in New South Wales at the worst point in time imaginable. The rural fire service which is run by volunteers has lost $26.7 Million in expenses due to new government funding policies. And the public have been left to evacuate and fend for themselves.

Bush-fires are not an anomaly in Australia, in fact they have protocol for such situations and had in place Hazard Reduction Activities. Which is basically controlled back burning which works as a preventative for spreading wildfire.

However, due to a change in policies back-burning has seen proportionate cut backs.

Authorities are more than aware of where are high risk areas and this is where controlled burning is used to minimize the likelihood of fires.

But there’s a lot more to it than a lack of back burning going on. The Bureau of Meteorology found it incredibly bizarre when the whole of Australia experienced an entire day without any rainfall, seeing as historically this has never happened.

Weather is after all energy, and after the second World War it was realized that this could be manipulated through the use of Ionosphere Heaters, which are high powered radio frequency technologies which have the ability to manipulate at will, the electromagnetic field of the planet.

Geoengineering is a tool of the Cabal.

A company called CSIRO, which is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research, they’re also responsible for cloud seeding using silver iodide bullets which creates a man made rainfall, in theory for areas suffering from drought and minimal agricultural growth. Much of what is tried and tested by such agencies is kept from public awareness even though the government has funded such endeavors its still very much secretive.

Aluminium and Barium are chemicals that have been sprayed into the atmosphere in an experiment to dim the sun in order to cool the surface of the Earth. These two chemicals are actually highly flammable.

Human behaviour is credited for the reason there is ‘Climate Change’ when in fact the weather manipulation is rife and is a serious reason why we have the weather we are experiencing.

Are we blaming the Government and its agencies for the extensive fires Australia is experiencing…maybe?

Why on earth would they do such a thing to their own people?

If we have a look at Agenda 2030 and Australia’s willingness to follow suit with this UN initiative, having signed the declaration in 2015, things start to add up.

This is what a number of Australian citizens are starting to awaken to and the authorities are beginning to panic, which has meant an insurgence of spin and propaganda being spread and Google searches being manipulated to keep people from uncovering the truth.

When in actuality, Agenda 2030 wishes to implement higher levels of control throughout all economic facets, It will be the main international reference for economic policies and is also a blueprint for the shove into a one world government.

On the Australian Government website, for the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development it states;

“The Australian Government is already making significant contributions toward achievement of ‘Goal 11’ through key domestic initiatives such as the Smart City Plan, City Deals, The Smart Cities and Suburbs Programme and the National Cities Performance Framework”

So The Smart Cities Plan is definitely worth knowing about. Australia plans to increase its population by 15 Million people. It plans to do such a thing by introducing CLARA, (Consolidated Land and Rail Australia). It was proposed to the Government that Australia should introduce a high speed trainline, with the intention of connecting Sydney to Canberra. And by doing this it means Smart Cities can be created along the rail line, and these Smart Cities will be completely self sufficient in terms of energy and water supply.

Sounds great, until you realise that this has minimal Government influence and will basically be privately owned.

When you look at the plans for where the rail line will be built, coincidentally it shares the exact same path as the wildfires.

Australian line of fire
Proposed route for high speed train line.

The fires that run along the East Coast correlate perfectly with proposed route for this train line. Coincidental?

The Californian wildfires in 2018 have a very similar feel to it, with the line of fire matching perfectly with the designated route for the High Speed Rail System…coincidental?

So through the use of cuts to resources and Geoengineering, a National tragedy which has taken lives, destroyed wildlife, affected agriculture, endangered animals and killed humans has been implemented. People have been forcefully expelled from their own homes and land under the guise of ‘safety measures’. Families are living on beaches, in some areas people are living in mini cashless societies as there’s no power supply and people are unable to access money and therefore can’t relocate or gain basic necessities. And all for what…profit and expansion?

Also it should be mentioned that millions of dollars in charitable funding has been sourced worldwide through social media platforms and charitable events, but none of it has been received, the families and farmers haven’t seen any kind of assistance from all of this, so where has it all gone?

It sounds ludicrous, but the facts are consistent with what’s actually happening and the main stream media narrative has too many holes and inconsistencies to be trusted.

When you look at who wins and who loses in this situation, it’s very in fitting with much of what is happening around the world. Profit over life seems to be the motto for these elitist fascists who are leaders and decision makers.

2 thoughts on “Australian Wildfire- Something Does Not Add Up!

  1. Brilliant and brave article. This has been my intuition about the whole situation being created , just like in California. The depopulation / anti nature – smart city agenda is in full roll out everywhere.
    Power and love to the people 💓💓
    Keep on telling it like it is ed tv.

    1. Thank you so much. It’s always great to get such positive feedback.
      Keep popping back for more content.🎬

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